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Since obviously you don't seem to understand what I've been doing with type effectiveness, I think I should explain it to you:

  1. For physical moves, start with 100. For Special moves, multiply physical Defense by 100 and devide by Special Defense.
The reason for this is to get the correct ratios between the types. If an average Geodude is attacked by a Fighting type move with the power of 1000, the figure is doubled due to the type matching, and then devided by the defense of Geodude (100), and the damage is 20. If, however, a Psychic move is used with the power of 1000, this is devided by the Special Defense of Geodude (30), and the damage is about 33 - more than the Fighting move, and this is despite the fact that Geodude is weak to Fighting and not to Psychic.
  1. Apply the type matching figures - double for weakness, halve for resistance, zero off for immunity, do each one of the above where appropriate for each type for dual-typers.

Lets take Mantine as an example. The physical types start at 100, and the special types start at 50. Since Skarmory is Water, halve each of Steel, Fire, Water and Ice, and double each of Grass and Electric. Then, since Skarmory is Flying, halve each of Fighting, Bug and Grass, double Electric, Ice and Rock, and zero off Ground. Now you get the following numbers:

Normal= 100
Fighting= 50
Flying= 100
Poison= 100
Ground= 0
Rock= 200
Bug= 50
Ghost= 100
Steel= 50
Fire= 25
Water= 25
Grass= 50
Psychic= 50
Ice= 50
Dragon= 50
Dark= 50

I hope you understand now. User142 02:00, 23 November 2005 (CST)

Ok thanks! I was a bit confused about that.