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Welcome to my page. I use Pursuit on you (Or use it to boost myself, as the case may be).

Also, an awesome Advanceshipping Site.



This user plays the violin.

Therefore, obey him too

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Ideas for Pokémon characters in fics

Chiko the Chikorita (♂)
Proud yet loyal; doesn't mind fighting to prove self
Name derived from species name, also a misspelling of Spanish word chico

Elvis the Geodude (♂)
Stubborn and dedicated; enjoys fighting
Name derived from the King of Rock

Charlie the Slowpoke (♂)
Slow and dense; too slow to recognize a fight most of the time
Name derived from Charlie Gordon of Flowers for Algernon

Katrina the Natu (♀)
Wise, insightful, reserved; dislikes fighting
Name derived from Fortune Teller in Animal Crossing

Mischief the Misdreavus (♀)
Shy and easy to scare; will fight if necessary or when angered
Name derived from mischievous, the base of Misdreavus

Cheesecake the Miltank (♀)
Clumsy, ditsy, light eater; only fights when necessary
Credit goes to Cascade88

Pokémon Silver Let's Play! Monotype Challenge!

I've decided to challenge myself, play through Silver Version with only Water-Type Pokémon. While documenting every step. Emulator failed, ate up all my pictures.

Spr 2s 131.png
Lv. 24
Spr 2s 159.png
Lv. 25
Spr 2s 061.png
Lv. 25
Spr 2s 195.png
Lv. 25
Quick Claw
Spr 2s 079.png
Lv. 25
Spr 2s 046.png
Lv. 6


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