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But I think we may have one in Cubone

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479.pngI am not a ghost in the machine, I think. ;)

I chose this name on sprite comic message boards. I lacked an avatar.

Feel free to correct me, edit me, whatever you like; help me learn.

I've been hitting the random page button alot looking for something to fire my interests, to no avail. Where's the handy projects index pages? I want to do something speculative and fannish. Rather than go crazy wanting to mess with the deputy editor in chief's chart, I'll just vent that stuff unto my own namespace.

Spr 4d 493-Unknown.pngI want a Shadow Arceus. Maybe I'll be able to save my master ball for it in the next console RPG. I can't believe there's no userbox with that conspiracy. ^_^ I also like card illustrations.