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Team Shark Bite


The leader.

The Sharpedo

Ever since he was a Carvanha in the Surrounded Sea, he had dreams of going to the outside world, to explore. Then, the surrounding ice finally broke, giving Carvanha the opportunity he had been seeking. After grabbing some of the flowing treasure, Carvanha left. He went to other bodies of water to train hard in order to become an effective explorer. After weeks of training, he evolved into Sharpedo. However, he was not yet satisfied. In fact, he was inspired to train more. After training in the Miracle Sea, in which he was unstoppable, the other Sharpedo in the area named him "the King of Sharpedo," and he named himself "SharKing."

SharKing, having much experience as an explorer, leads Team Shark Bite, scheduling the explorations, and guiding the team through the dungeons, relying on his remarkably high intuition. He is capable of controlling his temper; however, in battle, he shows no mercy. He specializes in point-blank attacks, with the exception of Aqua Jet.

Tactic: Leader



The laid-back one.

The Drifblim

After starting Team Shark Bite, SharKing realized that he needed more members. When he explored Mt. Mistral, he was looking for a worthy Flying-type Pokémon. Then, he came across a Drifblim. The Drifblim seemed lazy and unfit for battle, but when SharKing charged at him with Aqua Jet, Drifblim stopped him with a Stockpile defense, then blasted him with Ominous Wind, following up with another ghostly blast of wind. SharKing took heavy damage, but defeated Drifblim with Crunch. SharKing deemed him worthy and recruited him, naming him "MysteRide."

MysteRide has a laid-back personality and prefers to stick close to SharKing. He often aids the reckless KillaWasp by striking distant foes with Ominous Wind or Shock Wave. MysteRide utilizes Unburden to attack twice as fast as a normal Pokémon, which makes Ominous Wind deadly, especially in monster houses. MysteRide favors ranged attacks, but can be a major pain when fighting up close.

Tactic: Let's go together



The loose cannon.

The Beedrill

When exploring the Apple Woods, he saw many Weedle, but he had no trouble taking them down. Some time into his adventure, he came across an especially strong Weedle causing chaos in his surroundings. SharKing took him on. The Weedle proved formidable, stopping SharKing's Wide Slash with a String Shot, then using Poison Sting. The Weedle, however, was defeated by SharKing's Aqua Jet. SharKing saw him as a worthy member, and recruited him. After training under SharKing, Weedle evolved into an impatient Kakuna, and after even more training, he became a Beedrill. After seeing Beedrill's renewed ferocity, SharKing named him "KillaWasp."

KillaWasp is the loose cannon of the team. always chasing foes on sight and delivering harsh stings. However, this sometimes gets him separated from the team, especially when chasing runners. According to MysteRide, "KillaWasp needs to learn some patience and stick with the team. He's lucky to have me backing him up." KillaWasp specializes mostly in close-range moves, but watch out for Pin Missile.

Tactic: Go after foes