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The Pokémon Showcase Master Class (Japanese: ??? TryPokaron Master Class Tournament) is the anime-exclusive final challenge for all Pokémon Performers. The tournament is hosted seemingly annually in the Kalos region.


The general structure of each Master Class is similar: Pokémon Performers must win at least three Princess Keys in order to be able to participate in the Master Class. The winner receives the title of Kalos Queen.

In the Pokémon Showcase Master Class, contestants have to deliver Freestyle Performances from the very beginning as there are no Theme Performance rounds. The competing Performers are divided into trios and whoever receives the highest number of votes is declared the winner of their group and advances to the next round. Each Performer gets a turn performing individually before the three of them perform simultaneously. They must perform with only one Pokémon and are allowed to affect the performances of each other. The three remaining Performers advance to the semi-finals.

The semi-finals are almost identical to the previous rounds, except for the fact that Performers have to perform using two Pokémon. The winning Performer advances to the final round, where the current Kalos Queen awaits. As the winner of the previous Pokémon Showcase Master Class, the Kalos Queen has a guaranteed spot in the final round, where she must defend her title.

In the finals, Performers are allowed to use up to six Pokémon. The Performer who receives the most votes will be crowned the winner of the Master Class and Kalos Queen.

One notable difference between Rookie Class Showcases and the Master Class is the voting system; while in the Rookie Class only the Glow Caster can be used to vote, in the Master Class people all over the Kalos region are able to vote by using devices similar to smartphones.

List of Master Classes

Master Class Location Starting episode Final episode Winner Other notable contestants
Gloire Showcase Master Class Gloire City
Gloire City
Master Class Is in Session!
Master Class Is in Session!
Performing a Pathway to the Future!
Performing a Pathway to the Future!
Aria (anime)
Serena (Runner-up)
Shauna (Top 4)
Jessilee (Top 4)

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