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I'm Mike, also known as Frost despite my username being Razzia here, and I'm a big fan of Pokemon as well as an administrator at Psypoke, although I also lurk and occasionally post at Bulbagarden, Smogon and PokéBeach. I have liked Pokemon since late 1998 and have been a member of online Pokemon communities, including Psypoke, for almost as long. My favorite type happens to be Ice, mainly because my two favorite Pokemon are part Ice, but that has nothing to do with the name Frost.

As far as Pokemon is concerned, I started with the anime in 1999 and was really into that for a year or so until the Orange Islands. I got back into it during Advanced Generation, but the switch from 4Kids' voice cast to TPCi's killed my interest in the show for good. The video games soon eclipsed the anime as my main Pokemon activity, but the games as RPGs over the years have done less and less for me because they never change and have awful character development, although I still love competitive Pokemon battles as a strategy game and read up on the metagame over on Smogon frequently. Since 2009, my main Pokemon obsession has been as a TCG collector after an eight year break from the TCG.

In general, my top favorite Pokemon include Dewgong, Jynx, Chansey, Butterfree, Dragonite, Mew and Wigglytuff from Kanto; Ampharos, Heracross, Togetic, Chikorita, Azumarill, Porygon2, Politoed and Bellossom from Johto; Jirachi, Cacnea, Mudkip, Altaria, Torchic, Spoink and Skitty from Hoenn; Togekiss, Piplup, Shaymin, Lickilicky, Tangrowth, Drifloon and Drifblim from Sinnoh; and Emboar, Jellicent, Lilligant, Simipour, Cinccino and Meloetta from Unova. As you can see, I tend to favor cute and/or girly Pokemon, but I am a male. I dislike very few Pokemon, but Spiritomb is my least favorite. I also can't stand Croagunk, especially Brock's.

My favorite character in the anime are Brock and the Team Rocket trio; Misty and Max are least favorite main characters by far. My favorite anime arc was Kanto, with Hoenn in second. Ash's Caterpie is my hero. <3 As far the video games go, my favorite of the main series are Crystal and DP; my least favorites are RSE and HGSS. I also think that the Pokemon spinoff titles are generally terrible, but Pokemon Snap and TCG GB are awesome and, by far, my favorite Pokemon spinoff games. I wish they could get some new sequels instead of the endless parade of Ranger and Dungeon sequels that we've gotten over the years.

In the TCG, I have collected all of the different cards/artworks for 76/151 Kanto, 35/100 Johto, 64/135 Hoenn, 53/107 Sinnoh and 0/156 Unova Pokemon. My goal since 1999 was to have one card of every Pokemon; currently, I have achieved that goal for every Pokemon and alternate form up to and including the Generation IV Pokemon, and I can't wait to do the same for all of the new Unova Pokemon. My favorite artists include Atsuko Nishida, Kagemaru Himeno, Kanako Eo, sui, Kouki Saitou and Masakazu Fukuda. In general I'm not a big fan of the TCG's computer generated/3D artwork, but only Tomokazu Komiya's "artwork" truly offends my eyes.

P.S. I purposely did not add the accent to "Pokemon" in this page because I don't type "Pokémon" informally. I try to remember to add the accent on actual content pages on Bulbapedia but I might forget sometimes; I apologize if I do forget.

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