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TALK - 13:02, 3 October 2008 (UTC)
I first got into pokémon when Red & Blue came out in 1999. I was 16 then so that would make me an old fart now. :)

I'm not really into the franchise outside of the games and a few collectable figures, both of which I am rather into. The anime bores and annoys me and I haven't seen anything of the manga.

I try to attend the local Nintendo events if they give out rare pokémon and avoid cheating to obtain event exclusives as I'm kind of a non-cheating purist when it comes to these types of games.

Out of the main GBA games, I own Red, Gold, Ruby (x2, one for hacking), FireRed, Emerald, Pearl, HeartGold, Platinum and White. I also own Snap, a corrupt copy of TCG, Link (Trozei), Ranger, Colusseum, Box and XD (which I haven't played). I did have a copy of Channel but it went missing/was never returned when lent, I can't remember which.

I'm rather into DS programming lately and was trying to code some sort of hidden stat viewer for the GBA games, so I'm mostly interested in the data structure pages here and you'll probably see me asking questions in the talk pages for them.