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Hi there. I'm pumpkinking0192, but you can also call me pumpkinking, pumpkin, Jack, David, or anything else you can come up with... I'm not picky, as long as I can tell that I'm the one to whom you're talking.

I mostly correct grammatical issues, links, templates and other aesthetic stuff. I'd much rather chop up someone else's writing and make it nice-looking than write it myself, so I won't be creating pages or sections much around here. Poor grammar and lack of adherence to style frustrate me, but don't worry. In virtually all cases, I'm just mad at the text you wrote; I'm not mad at you yourself.

I passionately detest usertags, so for your convenience, here are some of the basic things I look for in others' usertag sections: I'm male. As of this edit, I'm 25 (born January 1992). I was born and raised in central Texas and currently live in southeast Texas. I graduated with a B.A. in English literature with a minor in print journalism. I am a copy editor and layout designer. My native language is English.

I am a frequent user of GPX Plus, but other than that and Bulbapedia, I barely visit any Pokémon fansites. You can also find me on The Cave of Dragonflies forums.

My talk page is open for all Bulbapedia-related discussion. Please don't try to contact me in any way other than on my talk page.

Grammatical quibbles I periodically use the search function to systematically correct:

  • wherein which (The former is not correct when talking about something that happened in a game/episode/etc.)
  • typingtype or type combination ("Type" is only a verb when you're using your computer keyboard. In Pokémon, it's either a noun or part of an adjectival phrase such as "Fire-type moves".)

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