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All About Me

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Last Update: 4/29/10

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× This blog will be updated about every month or so (may be sooner or later)

× 5 new Pokemon Paragraphs are schedueled for the next 8 months

× The - What I Have To Say About... - section will be updated 12/20/08

× Next Update: 12/20/08

× Next Pokemon Paragraph: 12/20/08


HI, I'm Pokémon fan #1! Also known as PokéNovi22. If there's one thing I like it's Pokémon and I also own Pokémon Diamond Version. I like to read comics too, my favorites are Jump Start, Heart of the City, Pearls before Swine, Lio, and Hagar the Horrible. I also love to play the oboe ♫. Many people say it's too squeaky but I like it just the way it is! ☆ ☆ ☆

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Today's Article:

Some of my followers have been wondering where I have been. After my last update, I lost my password and only recently found it. Bu I do not wish to get your hopes up. This blog will most likely NEVER BE UPDATED AGAIN. I fully understand that I promised to update this page every few months or so but I have truly lost my interest in Pokémon. My stay in the Pokémon world was wonderful but I believe that I have grown out of it. Thank you all,


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Pokemon Paragraph 3:

Trainer Gavin walked across the tall grass as fast as he could. Today was the start of his Pokemon journey. He was defiantly going to get a Turtwig. He stopped and he saw a defenseless Munchlax being bullied by a Nidoran . “Hey! Stop that Nidoran!” he yelled. The Nidoran used Dig. He ran and picked up the Munchlax and ran to the lab. “Hi, Professor Rowan, can I have a starter Pokemon?” Gavin asked. “I’m afraid all the starter Pokemon are all out” Rowan said. “I guess I’ll take this Munchlax, I don’t think it has a home” Gavin said. “You might want to heal it up at the Pokemon Center” Rowan said sternly. “I guess I will” Gavin said as he took his new Munchlax to the Pokemon Center.

Wanted Ideas

If you have any ideas about a Pokemon Paragraph please edit my user talk page.


(A.K.A, PokeNovi22)

Favorite Diamond Pokemon:

TYPE(S): Ghost/Flying * NAME: Drifblim * NICKNAME: Marsh * ATTACKS: Gust, Payback, Thunder, Skill Swap * LEVEL: 28 * ITEM: None


PokeNovi22's New Pokemon:

Nincada - Nickname: Mystic

Vigoroth - Nickname: Forest

Donphan - Nickname: Ohio

Togepi - Nickname: Hockey

Drowzee - Nickname: Dream

Worldwide Trades

0. July 26 07 | 1a. Obtained Sheildon - Level 20 | 1b. Traded COMET (Unown)

0. November 12 07 | 1a. Obtained Infernape - Level 76 | 1b. Traded VENOM (Skorupi)

Heatran Trouble

Thanks to Darth Cookie Monster my Heatran Troubles are over. If knew how too make a template, I would give him one but I guess that's that.

What I Have to Say About...

The character I will talk about today is Brock. Brock is a weirdo fomer gym leader who gave it all up to hang out with Ash who seems to be 8 years younger than him. Brock needs to get a life and go back to gym leading. But we all know that he will follow Ash to ends of the earth! All Brock does is sit around, talk to girls, and say he's a "Pokemon Breeder." I'll believe he's a breeder when he actually breeds pokemon! Overall, Brock needs to stop hanging with kids 8 years younger than him and actually become a Pokemon Breeder or at lese go back to Pewter City. (3/4/08)

- PokeNovi22

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~ I have a special news bulletin that there may be a Pokemon Coral Version with Giratina as the mascot. And sorry, my sources will be unidentified at the moment. This is top news and I don't think the Admins know about it! (2/23/08)

~ I have recently found out that the game may come out later in 2008. My 2 sources are also really reliable. I also think there is about a 75% chance that it probably is real. I have also seen the cover of it and it looks very much like the covers for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Versions. (2/23/08)

~ I have also found out that in Japan the video game Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai will be released. The U.S game name might be The Rise of Darkrai (both are names of the 10th movie). (3/5/08)


Sorry that I had to do Ground and Psychic type box twice for Mewtwo

and Groudon but whenever I tried to only make it 1 type box it

said "Normal" for the second type. If you think you can help, edit

my User Talk.


Trainer Novi
Pokémon Diamond - Twinleaf Town
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Level 55
Metal Claw
Dragon Claw
Roar of Time
PsychicIC.gif PsychicIC.gif
Level 73
Focus Blast
GroundIC.gif GroundIC.gif
Level 73
Fire Blast