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A Scientist

(Japanese: センパイ Senpai) is a character in the How I Became a Pokémon Card manga. 


Senpai appeared in Fossil + Pokémon = Aerodactyl!? where he was in his laboratory with Maki where they get into an argument with each other about discovering Pokémon. While Senpai was tired, Team Rocket barge in and demand him to give them the Old Amber. Senpai accidentally tripped on a table leg, causing the stuff to fall after crashing and the machine holding the Old Amber to rapidly regenerate into an Aerodactyl. When Team Rocket went after Aerodactyl, Senpai pulled out a Poké Ball and caught Aerodactyl.

In an attempt to get away from Team Rocket, Senpai's retreated on his Dodrio. After stalling the villainous team with Jolteon and Exeggutor, he encountered a waterfall and sent out Lapras to cross the ocean nearby. Their getaway on the ocean was stalled after Team Rocket's Gyarados appeared from underwater. With no other option, Senpai sent out Aerodactyl and blasted away Team Rocket. This caused the tides to get out of control which knocked Senpai into the river. Aerodactyl rode down and saved Senpai after seeing its own kind. After saving him, Senpai waved Aerodactyl goodbye as it flew off with the other Aerodactyl. Senpai returned to the lab and made some more new discoveries.


On hand

Senpai's Dodrio
Senpai sent out Dodrio to prevent Team Rocket from catching up with him.
Debut Fossil + Pokémon = Aerodactyl!?
Senpai's Jolteon
Senpai sent out Jolteon to stall Team Rocket.
Debut Fossil + Pokémon = Aerodactyl!?
Senpai's Exeggutor
Senpai sent out Exeggutor to stall Team Rocket.
Debut Fossil + Pokémon = Aerodactyl!?
Senpai's Lapras
Lapras was sent out in order for Senpai to travel across water.
Debut Fossil + Pokémon = Aerodactyl!?


Old Amber

Senpai's Aerodactyl
Aerodactyl was fossilized in an Old Amber. After Team Rocket barged in the lab, the fossil regenerated into Aerodactyl. Later, Senpai sent it out to take on Team Rocket's Gyarados and defeated it. Afterwards, Aerodactyl saw its own kind and left after saving Senpai from drowning.

Aerodactyl's only known move is Hyper Beam.

Debut Fossil + Pokémon = Aerodactyl!?

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