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A wild NyaChan Appeared!


Trainer NyaChan
Age 19
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Hometown Cerulean City
Region Kanto
Class Trainer, Champion
Generation I, II, III, IV, V
Ampharos‎ Shinx Teddiursa Minun Horsea Piplup

Well, somehow you've stumbled across my page. I'm a long time fan of Pokémon, and have my fair share of stories to tell about it.

001MS.png004MS.png007MS.png History

It all began about 12 years ago. The TCG had come out and I asked my dad to teach me. He more than willingly did, and soon enough I mastered the TCG. Well, as "mastered" as a 6-7 year old can do. My family is big on the gaming front too, and I was able to get my hot pink GBC along with a copy of Pokémon Red for one of my birthdays. The version I got actually had a bad battery, and we called Nintendo's customer Service. They were happy to replace it with another Red Version, and asked my dad how many Pokémon to put on it. When I received my game back, I had over half the Pokémon, and was already in Fuchsia City! ♥ Also around that time I joined the TCG League at my local Toys R Us. I was really good actually. I nearly beat an adult in a game (Lost by one prize! *shakes fist*). I still have my old TCG League Badges, and they're so much fun to look back on and remember the good ol' days. My sister has always played Pokémon with me, and still does to this day (even though all of her friends don't and think it's stupid).

I've come a long way, I suppose. I'm now 19, a college student, and still loving Pokémon. I no longer play the TCG as much as I used to (Though I did buy the Shaymin deck for kicks), but I have become an avid gamer.

387MS.png390MS.png393MS.png Today

Obviously I'm still playing Pokémon. These days I've been playing the newest versions in Japanese, which has really helped me not only realize how far my reading of the language has come, but also speed up my reading. I play Pokémon for enjoyment rather than to 'be the very best there ever was' or what have you, cause I mean seriously, what good is a game you're not having fun with? Not to mention any grinding I could do, unless there's a reason for me to, I just plain don't do it. If I wanted to grind, I would on my 50 billion other RPGs. Specifically those Shin Megami Tensei games, and if you've played those, I'm sure you know what I mean.

I draw for fun, though I really don't think my skills are that great. I'm also a writer as well, but it's mostly for fun rather than for any sort of career. I am a 4-time NaNoWriMo winner actually, and very proud of that fact, even though the novels I wrote during them are rather crappy. I practically live on the internet and always have some electronic device with me and on unless I'm in class (and even at that, you could count my PokéWalker or cell phone).

My college life consists of me trying to not fail Japanese. At the moment I am aiming for what the call "ELAS", which stands for "East Asian Languages and Area Studies", which is the only way I can get a major in Japanese at Team Rock-- I meant Rutgers (honest to god, I sometimes think the Rs in the windows have to do with Team Rocket). I'm sort of shooting for a job in translation, but I'm still rather undecided. I'm thinking of taking up English as a minor, to satisfy my creative writing needs. I'm currently in Japanese 201, and beginning the planning to study abroad in my Junior year.

Um, as to what I put into the wiki, I did go and add in SoulSilver dex entries back when they were only in Japanese, but that's over now so. *shrugs* I guess I'll be doing the same for Black/White or something.

I also have a bunch of Nuzlocke runs going. First was FireRed, followed by Pearl. After Pearl will be Sapphire, HeartGold, and White. Blah I'm stupidly crazy, planning so many of these.

257MS.png154MS.png395MS.png Current Teams

Gen 5

JP Black

Blah, just makin' a team out of what I like. Also, I dislike Touko a lot soooo, first time I'm choosing the guy. :V

HilbertChallenge.png Badges: 7

Seen: 90-something

Captured: ???

Trainer シクロ


Kanoko Town

503.png 583.png 494.png 547.png 523.png 521.png
カミコ ヴァニラ リバティー フワコ ゼブヤ ピパコ