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The Pokémon anime started airing in Finland for the first time on MTV3 on November 6, 1999. Almost every Indigo League arc episode was aired until Friend and Foe Alike, i.e. the entire season one and the first half of season two. The Orange Islands saga was skipped completely, along with most of the Johto League arc (only the first 26 episodes of seasons three and four were aired). In February 29, 2004, MTV3 started airing season six, which started with Address Unown!.

Indigo League arc

Code Screenshot Finnish title English title FI broadcast Notes
EP001 EP001.png Pokémon! Minä valitsen sinut!
Pokémon! I choose you!
Pokémon - I Choose You! November 6, 1999
EP002 EP002.png Pokémon hädässä!
Pokémon distress!
Pokémon Emergency! November 13, 1999
EP003 EP003.png Ashin Pokémon-saalis
Ash's Pokémon haul
Ash Catches a Pokémon November 20, 1999
EP004 EP004.png Samurain haaste
The challenge of Samurai
Challenge of the Samurai November 27, 1999
EP005 EP005.png Välit selviksi Pewter Cityssä
Clear relations in Pewter City
Showdown in Pewter City December 4, 1999
EP006 EP006.png Clefairy ja kuukivi
Clefairy and the Moon Stone
Clefairy and the Moon Stone December 11, 1999
EP007 EP007.png Cerulean Cityn lumpeenkukat
The water-lily flowers of Cerulean City
The Water Flowers of Cerulean City December 18, 1999
EP008 EP008.png Matkalla Pokémon-liigaan
On the way to the Pokémon League
The Path to the Pokémon League December 25, 1999
EP009 EP009.png Ei oppi ojaan kaada
The school of hard knocks
The School of Hard Knocks January 1, 2000
EP010 EP010.png Bulbasaur ja Pokémonien suojapaikka
Bulbasaur and the haven of Pokémon
Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village January 8, 2000
EP011 EP011.png Charmander, petetty Pokémon
Charmander, the betrayed Pokémon
Charmander – The Stray Pokémon January 15, 2000
EP012 EP012.png Squirtle-jengi vauhdissa
Squirtle Squad in speed
Here Comes the Squirtle Squad January 22, 2000
EP013 EP013.png Majakan mysteeri
Mystery of the lighthouse
Mystery at the Lighthouse January 29, 2000
EP014 EP014.png Shokkikäsittelyä kerrakseen
Shock therapy enough
Electric Shock Showdown February 5, 2000
EP015 EP015.png Kieroa peliä valtamerilaivalla
Cunning minds on an ocean cruiser
Battle Aboard the St. Anne February 12, 2000
EP016 EP016.png Pokémon-haaksirikko
Pokémon Shipwreck
Pokémon Shipwreck February 19, 2000
EP017 EP017.png Jättipokémonien saari
The island of giant Pokémon
Island of the Giant Pokémon February 26, 2000
EP018 EP018.png No Finnish title Beauty and the Beach Unaired
EP019 EP019.png Tentacool ja Tentacruel
Tentacool and Tentacruel
Tentacool & Tentacruel March 4, 2000
EP020 EP020.png Neidonkallion aave
The ghost of the Maiden's Rock
The Ghost of Maiden's Peak March 11, 2000
EP021 EP021.png Hyvästi Butterfree
Farewell, Butterfree
Bye Bye Butterfree March 18, 2000
EP022 EP022.png Abra ja yliluonnolliset voimat
Abra and the supernatural powers
Abra and the Psychic Showdown March 25, 2000
EP023 EP023.png Kummitustorni
The ghost tower
The Tower of Terror April 1, 2000
EP024 EP024.png Haunter vastaan Kadabra
Haunter versus Kadabra
Haunter versus Kadabra April 8, 2000
EP025 EP025.png Ihan kaheli Primeape
Totally crazy Primeape
Primeape Goes Bananas April 15, 2000
EP026 EP026.png Mikä täällä tuoksuu pokémon?
What is smelling on here, Pokémon?
Pokémon Scent-sation! April 22, 2000
EP027 EP027.png Hypno ja nokkaunet
Hypno and the naps
Hypno's Naptime April 29, 2000
EP028 EP028.png Pokémon-muotikatsaus
Pokémon fashion flash
Pokémon Fashion Flash September 16, 2000
EP029 EP029.png Pokémonien nyrkkipyykki
Pokémon fist laundry
The Punchy Pokémon September 23, 2000
EP030 EP030.png Kipinöivät Magnemitet
The sparking Magnemite
Sparks Fly for Magnemite September 30, 2000
EP031 EP031.png Kuka diggaa Diglettejä?
Who digs Diglett?
Dig Those Diglett! October 7, 2000
EP032 EP032.png Ninjojen ja Pokémonien välienselvittely
The showdown of ninjas and Pokémon
The Ninja Poké-Showdown October 14, 2000
EP033 EP033.png Pokémonien liekkikisat
The Pokémon flame contest
The Flame Pokémon-athon! October 21, 2000
EP034 EP034.png Kangaskhanin poika
The son of Kangaskhan
The Kangaskhan Kid October 28, 2000
EP035 EP035.png No Finnish title No English title Unaired
EP036 EP036.png Sillan fillarijengi
The bike gang of the bridge
The Bridge Bike Gang November 4, 2000
EP037 EP037.png Ditto ja salaisuuksien talo
Ditto and the house of secrets
Ditto's Mysterious Mansion November 11, 2000
EP038 EP038.png No Finnish title No English title Unaired
* Holiday Hi-Jynx.png Joulun Jynx
The Jynx of Christmas
Holiday Hi-Jynx May 19, 2001
* Snow Way Out.png Jäinen uhka
Icy threat
Snow Way Out! May 26, 2001
EP039 EP039.png Pikachun hyvästit
Pikachu's goodbye
Pikachu's Goodbye November 18, 2000
EP040 EP040.png Taistelevat Eevee-veljekset
The battling Eevee brothers
The Battling Eevee Brothers November 25, 2000
EP041 EP041.png Snorlax, herätys!
Snorlax, wake up!
Wake Up Snorlax! December 2, 2000
EP042 EP042.png Yhteenotto Dark Cityssä
Showdown in Dark City
Showdown at Dark City December 9, 2000
EP043 EP043.png Exeggutorit vauhkona
Exeggutor gone mad
The March of the Exeggutor Squad December 16, 2000
EP044 EP044.png Paras-ongelma
The Paras problem
The Problem with Paras December 23, 2000
EP045 EP045.png Jigglypuff laulaa
Jigglypuff sings
The Song of Jigglypuff December 30, 2000
EP046 EP046.png Muinaisten Pokémonien hyökkäys
Attack of the prehistoric Pokémon
Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon January 6, 2001
EP047 EP047.png Riskipeliä
Risk game
A Chansey Operation January 13, 2001
EP048 EP048.png Avioliitto kutsuu!
Marriage is calling!
Holy Matrimony! January 20, 2001
EP049 EP049.png Lähellä, mutta silti niin kaukana
So close, yeat so far
So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd January 27, 2001
EP050 EP050.png Kenelle Togepi kuuluu?
To whom does Togepi belong to?
Who Gets to Keep Togepi? February 3, 2001
EP051 EP051.png Bulbasaurien mysteeripuutarha
The mystery garden of Bulbasaur
Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden February 10, 2001
EP052 EP052.png Prinsessat nokakkain
Princesses face to face
Princess vs. Princess March 17, 2001
EP053 EP053.png Kattisankari
The cat hero
The Purr-fect Hero March 24, 2001
EP054 EP054.png Poliisikoulun tapaus
The case of the police school
The Case of the K-9 Caper! February 17, 2001
EP055 EP055.png Antaa palaa Todd!
Go for it, Todd!
Pokémon Paparazzi February 24, 2001
EP056 EP056.png Ratkaiseva koe
The crucial test
The Ultimate Test March 3, 2001
EP057 EP057.png Kasvatuskeskuksen salaisuus
The secret of the breeding center
The Breeding Center Secret March 10, 2001
EP058 EP058.png Kuka ratkaisee arvoituksen?
Who will solve the riddle?
Riddle Me This March 31, 2001
EP059 EP059.png Tulivuoren viha
The wrath of the volcano
Volcanic Panic April 7, 2001
EP060 EP060.png Blastoise ihan pihalla
Blastoise totally confused
Beach Blank-Out Blastoise April 14, 2001
EP061 EP061.png Merenneito Misty
Misty the mermaid
The Misty Mermaid April 21, 2001
EP062 EP062.png Clefairyjen raketti
The rocket of Clefairy
Clefairy Tales April 28, 2001
EP063 EP063.png Merkin herruus
The ownership of the badge
The Battle of the Badge May 5, 2001
EP064 EP064.png Mr. Mime tulee
Mr. Mime comes
It's Mr. Mime Time May 12, 2001
EP065 EP065.png Ashin ja Garyn nokka-Poké
Ash and Gary's beak Poké
Showdown at the Po-ké Corral June 2, 2001
EP066 EP066.png Evoluutiomysteeri
The evolution mystery
The Evolution Solution September 8, 2001
EP067 EP067.png Keisariaalto
The emperor wave
The Pi-Kahuna September 15, 2001
EP068 EP068.png Mutta mitä tekee Gloom
But what does Gloom do
Make Room for Gloom September 22, 2001
EP069 EP069.png Kuvaus, kamera, kvak!
Recording, cameras, quack!
Lights, Camera, Quack-tion September 29, 2001
EP070 EP070.png Lähde länteen, nuori Meowth
Go west, young Meowth
Go West Young Meowth October 6, 2001
EP071 EP071.png Otetaan Onixista mittaa
Opposing the Onix
To Master the Onixpected! October 13, 2001
EP072 EP072.png Pokémopoliksen arvoitus
The mystery of Pokémopolis
The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis October 20, 2001
EP073 EP073.png Luita myöten paha
Bad to the bone
Bad to the Bone October 27, 2001
EP074 EP074.png Poltetta veressä
Fire in blood
All Fired Up! November 3, 2001
EP075 EP075.png Ensimmäinen kierros alkaa
The first round begins
Round One - Begin! November 10, 2001
EP076 EP076.png Tulta ja jäätä
Fire and ice
Fire and Ice November 17, 2001
EP077 EP077.png Kuuma neljäs kierros
The hot fourth round
The Fourth Round Rumble November 24, 2001
EP078 EP078.png Ystävä hädässä
A friend in need
A Friend In Deed December 1, 2001
EP079 EP079.png Ystävä vai vihollinen
Friend or foe
Friend and Foe Alike December 8, 2001

Johto League arc

Code Screenshot Finnish title English title FI broadcast Notes
EP117 EP117.png Näpit irti Totosta!
Keep your hands off Toto(dile)!
Don't Touch That 'dile December 15, 2001
EP118 EP118.png Takalaiton, Ash!
Back foul, Ash!
The Double Trouble Header December 22, 2001
EP119 EP119.png Ötökät uhkaavat
The bugs threaten
A Sappy Ending December 29, 2001
EP120 EP120.png Ash ja amberiitti
Ash and the amberite
Roll On, Pokémon! January 5, 2002
EP121 EP121.png Mitä minun silmäni näkevätkään?
What do my eyes see?
Illusion Confusion! January 12, 2002
EP122 EP122.png Kukkavoimaa
Flower power
Flower Power January 19, 2002
EP123 EP123.png Spinarak virittää verkon
Spinarak sets the web
Spinarak Attack January 26, 2002
EP124 EP124.png Mikä Snubblea vaivaa?
What's wrong with Snubble?
Snubbull Snobbery February 2, 2002
EP125 EP125.png Sarvissa on taikaa!
The horns have got magic!
The Little Big Horn February 9, 2002
EP126 EP126.png Chikorita vaarassa!
Chikorita in danger!
The Chikorita Rescue February 16, 2002
EP127 EP127.png Sinisen kuun arvoitus
Mystery of the blue moon
Once in a Blue Moon February 23, 2002
EP128 EP128.png Kuka vihelsi pelin poikki?
Who whistled the game over?
The Whistle Stop March 2, 2002
EP129 EP129.png Pieni höperö Blissey
Little potty Blissey
Ignorance is Blissey March 9, 2002
EP130 EP130.png Huojuva talo
The wobbling house
A Bout With Sprout March 16, 2002
EP131 EP131.png Taistelu ilmojen herruudesta
Battle for the mastership of the skies
Fighting Flyer with Fire March 23, 2002
EP132 EP132.png Kuka onkaan itkupilli
Who's the crybaby now
For Crying Out Loud March 30, 2002
EP133 EP133.png Kuka pysäyttää tankin?
Who'll stop the tank?
Tanks a Lot! April 6, 2002
EP134 EP134.png Charizardin tulikoe
Charizard's ordeal
Charizard's Burning Ambitions April 13, 2002
EP135 EP135.png Hymysuin voittoon
To the victory with a smile on your face
Grin to Win! April 20, 2002
EP136 EP136.png Mikä sinua vaivaa, Chikorita?
What's wrong with you, Chikorita?
Chikorita's Big Upset April 27, 2002
EP137 EP137.png Ystävä säällä kuin säällä
A friend in any weather
Foul Weather Friends May 4, 2002
EP138 EP138.png Supersankarin salaisuus
Secret of the superhero
The Superhero Secret May 11, 2002
EP139 EP139.png Lauhkea ja pörröinen
Mild and wooly
Mild 'n Wooly May 18, 2002
EP140 EP140.png Tietääkö tietokone?
Does a computer know?
Wired for Battle! May 25, 2002
EP141 EP141.png Tulisieluinen Cyndaquil
The fiery-hearted Cyndaquil
Good 'Quil Hunting June 1, 2002
EP142 EP142.png Miksei sadetta kuulu?
Why isn't there raining?
A Shadow of a Drought June 8, 2002
EP158 EP158.png Miten käy Goldenrodissa?
How it's going to happen in Goldenrod?
A Goldenrod Opportunity November 9, 2002
EP159 EP159.png Jokaisessa asuu pieni Pokémon
Within everyone there lives a small Pokémon
A Dairy Tale Ending November 16, 2002
EP160 EP160.png Kyytiä radioaalloilla
Riding on radio waves
Air Time! November 23, 2002
EP161 EP161.png Hyönteiselämää
Insect life
The Bug Stops Here November 30, 2002
EP162 EP162.png Tyyppikysymys
A question of type
Type Casting December 7, 2002
EP163 EP163.png Fossiili herää eloon
A fossil comes to life
Fossil Fools December 14, 2002
EP164 EP164.png Ilmojen sankarit
Heroes of the skies
Carrying On! December 21, 2002
EP165 EP165.png Apua, en löydä ulos!
Help, I can't find my way out!
Hassle in the Castle December 28, 2002
EP166 EP166.png Kaksi osumaa ja huti
Two hits and a miss
Two Hits and a Miss January 4, 2003
EP167 EP167.png Riittääkö kuuma vesi?
Is the hot water enough?
A Hot Water Battle January 11, 2003
EP168 EP168.png Virittäkää virvelinne
Ready your spinning rods
Hook, Line, and Stinker January 18, 2003
EP169 EP169.png Kauneus vaakakupissa
Beauty in the scale
Beauty and the Breeder January 25, 2003
EP170 EP170.png Äkkiä lempeä karkuun
Quickly away from love
A Better Pill to Swallow February 1, 2003
EP171 EP171.png Mitä, onko töpseli tyhjä?
What, is the plug empty?
Power Play! February 8, 2003
EP172 EP172.png Raikasta vuori-ilmaa
Fresh mountain air
Mountain Time February 15, 2003
EP173 EP173.png Kyläjuhlat vaarassa
The festival in danger
Wobbu-Palooza! February 22, 2003
EP174 EP174.png Ulkonäkö voi pettää
Outlook can be deceiving
Imitation Confrontation March 1, 2003
EP175 EP175.png Vaikeuksien kautta voittoon
Through difficulties to the victory
The Trouble With Snubbull March 8, 2003
EP176 EP176.png Pokémon-jujitsua
Pokémon Jujitsu
Ariados, Amigos March 15, 2003
EP177 EP177.png Äänellä on väliä
Noise does matter
Wings 'N' Things March 22, 2003
EP178 EP178.png Ylpeys vai lankeemus?
Pride or prejudice?
The Grass Route March 29, 2003
EP179 EP179.png Oy Omena
Inc. Apple
The Apple Corp! April 5, 2003
EP180 EP180.png Mihin jäljet päättyvät?
Where do the tracks end?
Houndoom's Special Delivery April 12, 2003
EP181 EP181.png Aavemaista menoa
Ghostly going
A Ghost of a Chance April 19, 2003
EP182 EP182.png Aaveita ja haaveita
Ghosts and dreams
From Ghost to Ghost April 26, 2003
EP183 EP183.png Kovaa teetä
Hard tea
Trouble's Brewing May 3, 2003
EP263 EP263.png Unownin jäljillä
Trailing Unown
Address Unown! February 29, 2004
EP264 EP264.png Kaikkien taisteluiden äiti
The mother of all battles
Mother of All Battles March 7, 2004
EP265 EP265.png Sneasel-metsällä
On Sneasel hunt
Pop Goes The Sneasel March 14, 2004
EP266 EP266.png Haaste on heitetty
The challenge has been thrown
A Claim to Flame! March 28, 2004
EP267 EP267.png Rakkautta Pokémonien tapaan
Love by the Pokémon style
Love, Pokémon Style April 4, 2004
EP268 EP268.png Tiukka taistelu
A tough battle
Tie One On! April 11, 2004
EP269 EP269.png Ystävät kilpasilla
Friends rivaling
The Ties That Bind April 18, 2004
EP270 EP270.png Taistelua kuumimmillaan
Battling on its hottest
Can't Beat the Heat! April 25, 2004
EP271 EP271.png Leikkiä tulella
Playing with fire
Playing with Fire! May 2, 2004
EP272 EP272.png Uudet suunnat
The new directions
Johto Photo Finish May 9, 2004
EP273 EP273.png Ottelemisiin
Gotta battle you later
Gotta Catch Ya Later! May 16, 2004
EP274 EP274.png Yksin Hoennissa
Alone in Hoenn
Hoenn Alone! August 29, 2004