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Level 0
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Alright, get ready for some VARIABLES.

|dex=ndex number.
|gen=What Generation the Pokémon is in. Options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
|v=What version game is this Pokémon in. (Used only for Third Versions & Remakes, version's first letter should be used. Examples: y = Yellow, h = HeartGold)
|ext=What image extention is the sprite. (Used for sprites not currently in PNG format)
|nick=nickname. (OPTIONAL.)
|gender=self-explanatory. Options: male, female, or none.
|ball=Type of ball it's in. Examples: Poké, Great, Lure
|ribbons=Number of ribbons it has (only needed in Gen III and IV).
|region=what Region it's in (currently only needed in Gen IV).
|ability=what ability it has. (only needed in Gen III, IV and V).
|types=How many types the Pokémon has. Options: 1 or 2.
|type1=first elemental type.
|type2=second elemental type. (leave out for single-type Pokémon.)
|moves=turns the moveset on or off. Options: yes or no. (yes by default.)
|move1=first move.
|move1type=first move's type.
|move2=second move.
|move2type=second move's type.
|move3=third move.
|move3type=third move's type.
|move4=fourth move.
|move4type=fourth move's type.