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Teams and Genders

Current Characters


025 398 388 392 418 472
Pikachu Staraptor Grotle Infernape Buizel Gliscor

So, Pikachu will not evolve. And obviously, he's a male. No need to explain. I hope that Staravia evolves, since Staraptor is a bit smaller compared to Pidgeot, and is worth keeping. He's a male because he loves a Staravia doll with a pink ribbon on its head. I predicted Turtwig's evolution even before DP100. He's a male because gender ratio. Chimchar will probably evolve to show off its power to its former Trainer. Male because, again, gender ratio. And of course, the coolest of all, Buizel will not evolve coz' its already powerful. And its already confirmed that he's a male. Okay, nevermind Riolu, the Iron Island event had passed... So Gliscor will stay, and will leave later. He's an affectionate guy.


  • Turtwig evolved into Grotle in DP100.
  • Staravia evolved into Staraptor in DP118.
  • Chimchar evolved into Monferno in DP132.


  • Riolu's capture.


393 427 417 473 133
Piplup Buneary Pachirisu Mamoswine Eevee

Ok. Kenny already got Prinplup and Barry have Empoleon, so its not ideal to have another one in the anime. Also, Piplup is cute enough in which contests are for. She's a female as shown in her cheering outfit unless she's not a cross dresser. Buneary's love for Dawn (for Pikachu too) would likely make it evolve into Lopunny. Since Pikachu's a male, then Lopunny's a female. Pachirisu won't evolve, it's given, and I think Dawn wants to give her mother's pet a playmate. Since Pachirisu fights like a boy (as shown in DP114), not to mention the long strip on his head, he's a male. It's frustrating that she's gone. After all those gym battles and Contests, she ended up in Ping Pong. >.> The gluttonous Swinub will probably evolve until its final form to lessen its eating habit. A male, unless he is an aggressive female. And for the last slots, I also hope she gets an Eevee like May, and evolve to a Gen V Eeveelution, if any. Or if not, I hope it evolves to Leafeon, since she lacks Grass-type. And even she doesn't have Fire-type in her team.. I DON'T WANT FLAREON ON HER TEAM!!. She will be a girl and will fall in-love with May's Glaceon.



  • Cherubi has an owner.


185 453 242 464
Sudowoodo Croagunk Blissey Rhyperior

His team would stay the same. Sudowoodo can't evolve anymore. He's a boy since he acts like one. Croagunk seems to hate Toxicroak. And he's confirmed to be a boy. Happiny is already powerful, so when she grow up, she would be more useful aside from power...And to show-off Gen II for upcoming GSDS. :) Of course, she's a girl. No doubt. The only change is that he would capture a Pokémon: a crybaby male Rhyhorn. And then, he would stay on his team until it evolves into a Rhyperior and would become a major powerful battler on his team.




202 469 451
Wobbuffet Yanmega Skorupi

To balance the team, maybe its about time for Jessie's Seviper to leave her. Wobbuffet, of course, won't leave to continue the gag. Later he would be revealed as male. I doubt it if he's female, animators won't just add him lipstick. And her newly caught female Bug-type would stay as much as the former. And for the replacement for her Seviper, she would get the Sinnoh's Poison-type (and also her specialty), a female Stunky! It would then evolve on its way on becoming a stinky sprayer as well as smokescreener leaving the twerps blind every time they do crime. Skorupi! Why not? She showed interest on Aaron's Skorupi, so it'd be nice if she would get one. And maybe a Smoochum, but once it gets its Stage 2 evo in Gen V, I'll be sure to add her.



  • She showed interest to Skorupi, not on Stunky.


439 455 459
Mime Jr. Carnivine Snover

Like Brock, His team will also stay the same except one, for he would capture a Cacnea replacement: Snover of the Snow. Snover would poke him with his prickly pines as Cacnea hugs him with thorny arms. All of his Pokémon are male, because they act like male.

Recurring Main Characters


298 230 054 468 222 457
Azurill Kingdra Psyduck Togekiss Corsola Lumineon

If ever Misty gets episode in DP, I want her to have this team. Corsola will be back to show Aqua Ring and Power Gem. And of course he's a male because he can't create an offspring Azurill from a mother Marill. Psyduck will be back too, for fun. He's a male of course. And Azurill so that Mist has something on her arms. And it'd be a female. Horsea will evolve into Seadra then Kingdra so that it would be useful. She's female because she fits being one. Then, she would meet again her Togetic, and will evolve into Togekiss after some battle, to show off Gen IV Pokémon. He is male because he is now the king of the Kingdom. I also hope that she'll get a female Finneon that will evolve into Lumineon, to show off another Gen IV Pokémon and for it to get noticed.


049 184 123 441
Venomoth Azumarill Scyther Chatot

Well, I think that he will no longer capture a Pokémon, unless if he's able to travel with the group once again. The possible thing that can happen on his is either evolve or release. However, I want him to have a male Chatot so that whatever he would draw, Chatot will not remain silent and criticizing his works. Of course, Scyther won't evolve, its already senile powerful. Venonat and Marill will likely to evolve to help Tracey with their new abilities: Venomoth's dust and ability to fly and Azumarill's water float and long ears. Venomoth's female because of the seiyu. Marill is of course, female. She can't lay egg if she weren't..duh.


257 267 471 003 446 300
Blaziken Beautifly Glaceon Venusaur Munchlax Skitty

I'm sure that May's team won't change for now in DP, unless the main characters would travel in Johto. So far, I won't change her team. Blaziken is a male because of his character as a Combusken. Venusaur, already confirmed as a female. Glaceon, like I said, is a male. Wartortle is a crybaby boy because of gender ratio. Munchlax's a male because of gender ratio. Skitty is a girl because of, again, gender ratio.


DP series

Announced title

I will predict what will happen in the revealed episode based from the episode's preview.

Episode Prediction Actual Comment
  • Jessilina, Dawn, Kenny will join the Tatsunami Contest
  • Kenny is revealed to own a Machoke
  • Dawn VS Jessilina, Dawn wins
  • Kenny VS Dawn, Kenny wins
  • Kenny wins the Tatsunami Contest
Nailed it. Pretty easy, though.
  • Barry w/ Empoleon, James w/ Carnivine, Dawn w/ Ambipom,
    Ash w/ Staraptor, A Trainer with Farfetch'd will join the Ping Pong Tournament
  • James VS Ash, Ash wins
  • Ash VS Barry, Barry wins
  • Farfetch'd Trainer VS Dawn, Dawn wins
  • Barry VS Dawn, Dawn wins and becomes the Champion
No one won. Sigh. Can't believe that they would release Ambipom. T.T
  • Filler episode
  • Brock's episode
True, sort of. Didn't expect that the clothes were given early.
  • Ash and friends meets Candice
Got it. :) Zoey and Candice were friends? It's awesome. :D
  • Ash battles Candice
  • Candice wins
The battle part is correct, but Candice winning isn't. In only one episode? I hate it. Candice needs more screen time. D:
  • Paul battles Brandon
  • Paul is revealed to have a Hariyama, replacing Ursaring, and Magmortar evolved
  • Paul and Brandon will be revealed to be related
    (they look strikingly similar.. o.o)
  • The gang will learn that Brandon came to Snowpoint to investigate the Snowpoint Temple
Right about Brandon VS Paul, though wrong about Hariyama replacing Ursaring ang early evolution of Magmortar This episode is awesome; except that Brandon and Paul are not related to each other..
  • Brandon awakens Regigigas using his Regi trio
  • J appears again to steal the Regigigas
  • Paul leaves to train at the Lake Acuity and evolve his Magmar (off-screen)
Wrong about Brandon awakening the 'Gigas. I should have thought it's J... All of a sudden, Paul and Reggie were gone..
  • The gang with Zoey will be riding on the Amphy train
  • Looker appears to investigate to the Lake Acuity
  • Gary also appears to research about the legendary Pokémon there
Yeah, I meant Team Galactic. But.. no Zoey... No more Gary appearance?!
DP131 & DP132
  • Paul and Ash battles
  • Paul uses Torterra, Electabuzz, Hariyama, Magmortar, Nidoking, Gliscor
    against Ash's Grotle, Pikachu, Staraptor, Chimchar, Buizel, Gliscor respectively
  • Chimchar evolves in DP131 for cliffhanger
  • near the end of DP132, the battle will be interrupted by Team Galactic
So the preview is the cliffhanger. And now, Paul used his old team but Gliscor. I would still like to see Team Galactic somewhere in DP132, thought it is highly unlikely...
  • Ash's Monferno is totally injured and Brock takes care of it
  • Out of Brock's wit, he searches for the ingredients to cure Monferno
  • Brock sees Uxie
  • Mamoswine battles Tangrowth under Dawn's order and performs contest moves.
  • Dawn will be the star of the Pokémon Hustle show. (filler)

Future events

Event Prediction Actual
Dawn wins Akebi Contest DP114 DP114
Staravia evolves and Ash wins a competition DP118 DP118
Ash meets Candice DP126 DP126
Chimchar evolves DP116
Ash battles Candice and wins DP128 DP127
Dawn wins a Contest somewhere and loses DP132 DP123
Ash arrives in Sunyshore and meets Jasmine, then he introduces Volkner. DP134
Ash meets Flint, they will battle Ash. Ash then wins. DP135
Ash meets Volkner in person. They will battle and Volkner wins DP136
Ash wins against Volkner DP143
Dawn competes in Sunyshore Contest, battling Jasmine and wins DP145-146 (two parts)
Dawn competes in Sinnoh Grand Festival together with Zoey, Nando, Kenny, Urara, etc. DP155
Dawn wins DP160
Ash competes in Sinnoh League DP164


CoD and Recurring Characters

Character Episode Prediction Reason Actual Comment
Lila.png Yuri DP095 Lily Yuri means "Lily" in English Lila Oh well. Haven't think of that. Sounds similar, though. =P
Prof Carolina.png Professor Karashina DP096 Professor Chrysanthemum Plant that sounds similar to Karashina and has equal number of syllables, so perfect. Professor Carolina Okay, not a plant name. But at least they should have given her a family name, not first name. Carolina is more of... first name.. Cynthia Carolina?
Barry anime.png Jun DP101 Barry The first optional name for Pearl, like Gary. Gary and Barry also sound similar. Barry Nailed it. DP101 title revealed his name.
Ursula.png Urara DP114 Ursula, Ulrica or Ulyssa Ursula sounds perfect *, but for originality, I think of Ulrica or Ulyssa. N/A
Poacher DP116.png Poacher DP116 Ringo Since he has no Japanese name to be based from, I'll just base his name from the previous poacher in Hoenn, Rico. It's also possible that he's unnamed in the dub. N/A
Christopher DP117.png Yūsaku DP117 Eugene or Jericho "Eu" for "Yu", can't think of any other masculine names with "Eu". "Cho" for "Ko", so Jericho. N/A
Provo.png Porto DP118 Port or Purdie Sounds like Volt, and they wouldn't mind dropping a letter. Purdie matches syllable count. N/A
Steveland.png Sanpei DP118 Champy Sounds like Sanpei, and he aims to be the champion of the PokéRinger. N/A
Taylor DP118.png Tetsuo DP118 Titus Similar. I like this name. N/A
Teacher DP121.png Teacher DP121 Teacher Cindy She's significant. She told Dawn where would be the next Contest. She needs name. Can't think of better name if nothing to be based from. Cindy from "Candice". =P N/A
O cotd.png
DP124 Ove Can't think of a better name. Man, it's just 1 letter. And dubbers won't name him as O. ehhrr. N/A
DP125 Marilyn Yep.. I'm pretty sure they would the same dub name to continue the pattern. Marble.. Monica.. and now, Marilyn. =P N/A
DP126 Mr. Scandler Matching his Skuntank. :) Though spelling can be different. N/A
DP128 Mikaela Both start with "Mik-". Also, Mikaela is the female version of "Michael", a name based from "no person is like God", refering to her nun-like appearance. N/A
DP131 Osborn Sounds similar. N/A

Movie 12

Character Prediction Why Actual Comment
Deimos or Damos More Greek-ish. Sounds like Damos.. or they might retain the name. N/A N/A
Sheena They'll keep it for sure. Cute name. N/A N/A
Kevin Of course, they wouldn't change the name. That's the best name I've ever heard. N/A N/A
Jashin or Jason Jashin is like a Hebrew name.. and Jason relates to a Greek myth. N/A N/A

Game Characters

Character Episode Prediction Reason Actual Comment
Platinum Thorton.png Factory Head Nejiki DP170 Factory Head Fabrice or Nicky Factory Head, like Noland. Fabrice from fabrica, factory. Nicky if the dubbers chooses similar name. Factory Head Thorton Factory Head, like we've said.. but.. I don't get it. Was that a name? I think they are picking some random names to surprise us. I mean, it's not bad, and it's not good either. Which plant/color/whatever did they based this name?
Platinum Dahlia.png Roulette Goddess Dahlia DP177 Roulette Croupier/Mistress Ronnette/Rosette/Dollie Croupier, the spinner of the Roulette or Mistress, female counterpart of Master. Ronnette and Rosette, similar to Roulette, and Dollie, for Dahlia. Arcade Star Dahlia Nice choice for the "Arcade Star". I didn't expect them to change the name of Facility.. but.. Why did they not change her name? Dahlia is a good name, but, it's not like them. Yes, for they've done well in Galactic commander's case.. but not the FB's..
Platinum Darach Caitlin.png Castle Butler Kokuran and Cattleya DP183 Castellans/Castle Stewards/Wardens Cochran/Costel/Castor/Castell and Cassiope/Cassiopeia/Caitlin Castle's drop since it would be redundant with Castellans, and Stewards or Wardens (can't think of any). All names are sort of... similar. Castle Valet Darach and Lady Caitlin Good thing they did not change the name of Facility... and Valet sounds good.. wait. Darach? Irish name is pretty good.. but I don't how it is pronounced. And, right for Caitlin. 1/4 =/ Very unpredictable names..
Platinum Argenta.png Stage Madonna Kate DP189 Stage Lady Stacey/Stacie/Kate Madonna=Lady, Stacey or Stacie, from Stage, or if the dubbers get lazy, Kate will do. Hall Matron Argenta Of all the Sinnoh FB names, I find this one interesting. I don't like, I like it, I don't know. I'm confused.