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Yo! Names Gold..en, XDXD. I loves me some Pokemon games,not so much the show. I'm 14, 15 next January. I've been playing Pokemon since around 2003, i picked up a used Red as my first game, then later a used Silver, and i've bought almost every game since (need to buy a used a LG, XD.)

Favorite Pokemon

everyone has a fav, so heres a list of mine, XD:

Top six favorite Kanto Pokemon:

Bulbasaur, Pidgeotte, Poliwag, Electibuzz, Golem, Blastoise.

Top six favorite Johto Pokemon:

Quilava, Larvitar, Noctowl, Raikou, Feraligatr, Umbreon

Top six favorite Hoenn Pokemon:

Grovyle, Poochyena, Flygon, Kyogre, Snorunt, Castform

Top six favorite sinnoh pokemon

Empoleon, Grotle, Staraptor, Luxray, Gibble, Croagunk

Games I own

My collection isn't so intimidating, XD,but its getting there, XD.

Generation I

Pokemon Red, Pokemon Yellow

Generation II

Pokemon Silver

Generation III

Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon FireRed

Generation IIII

Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum,

Side Games Pokemon Pinball RS, Pokemon MD Blue,


Pokemon FireRed(replaying) Diamond(Finishing,lost it for a year,and just found it, XD) Platinum(over half-way done)

Playing soon

Leafgreen(Buying a copy this week, XD)

Wants to play

Heartgold Soulsilver I'm getting them both as soon as they come out, XD.

HELLO, anyone who sees this, could you tell me how to make those little boxes with things like teams in games or what i own? XD, it looks a lot better then my crappy little graphs up there, XD.