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Fairy Red
Littleroot Town
Coordinator, Trainer

About Me

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The Basics

Now that I am officialy 100% done editing my pages (until HGSSMC come out...) I can finally do what I joined Bulbapedia for, to help edit and fix articles. Especially now that it seems the images are working again, I can do what I feel I do best; replace the unsatisfactory images...somehow.

I'm just a 19-year-old from Alaska who's a HUGE fan of Nintendo, Pokemon obviously one of them. Pokemon Yellow was the first game I received, though the first game I actually played was Crystal version. I had a lot of fun with them, and it certainly helped me understand what all the hype concerning Pokemon was about when I was 8-9! I'm a dedicated sort of player, and once I decide on a main team, those will be the 6 I will most certainly raise all the way to level 100. Ah hah, though the game mechanics of EV training and the like escape my slow brain, my Pokemon are all fairly strong on their own. Indeed, my strategy has always remained the same since Yellow/Crystal version: KO the foe in one hit, or I'm screwed. My Pokemon are all pretty strong, with high attack and special attack. The down shot is that they also tend to be either pretty slow, and/or have poor defense and special defense. So while my Charap is exceptionally strong for one of her kind, she can barely withstand most physical attacks that come her way.

>> Not that I'm willingly admitting one of my weaknesses, oh no. Like I said, most of my Pokemon are strong enough to KO a same-level foe in one hit, most of the time. You oughta watch out for that as well when facing me! Ahahaha!

While I'm not an avid battler (with no Wi-Fi at home, I really can't be, eheh...), I'm also a good coordinator! In Emerald and Platinum, I have earned a total of 5 Normal rank ribbons, 8 Hyper rank ribbons, 4 Ultra rank ribbons, and 5 Master rank ribbons. Ohh yeah. Even though I can't properly EV train my Pokemon, I sure as hell can make good Pokeblocks and Poffins for my Pokemon! I make high-quality poffins all the time. My Pokeblock making skills leave something to be desired, but they haven't let me down yet. The contest system in Shinnoh is much more complicated than the ones in Hoenn. Oo; I hope they repair the contests in HGSSMC...and if there's no contests in there, then hopefully in RSEDS...

Well, enough about me. Let's carry on.

Favorites in Detail

Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

1) Electrode, because nothing is more fun than a ball of electricity that randomly explodes!

2) Gastly, because he's easy to draw, and quite cute to boot!

3) Crobat, because 4 wings are brilliant, plus you grow so attached to them!

4) Scizor, because even though I'm terrified of bugs irl, Scizor's deep red and piercing look gets to me well!

5) Wurmple, because it's SO ADORABLE OMG, I'd hug one if I could!

6) Gallade, because they look so noble and brave. Too bad they don't come in female...

7) Blaziken, because he's one of the best final-stage of all starters, if you ask me. Typhlosion and Infernape are a close second.

8) Mothim, because his design is real adorable, even for a Pokemon based off of a moth.

9) Lucario, because even though he's OU by now, he's one awesome Pokemon. Aura ftw!

10) Seviper & Zangoose, because even the worst of enemies can be the best of friends. No, I wouldn't breed these two. -looks away guiltily-

2 Generation I Pokemon, 2 Generation II Pokemon, 4 Generation III Pokemon, and 3 Generation IV Pokemon. You can tell I'm not too find of the first two gens, huh?

Team Magma, or Team Galactic?

It's a tough one, tough tough one... Of course, I'd never actually JOIN any of those teams, I'm a good girl. D: Though I must say, I do find Maxie and Cyrus to be...eheheh, well, exceptionally good looking! Why isn't there enough sexy villainous team leaders out there? Giovanni, his hairstyle didn't work for me. And while Archie has a bandanna, something I love, he's too burly for me. And when...WHEN will get get a sexy FEMALE villainous team leader? One who can match up to Maxie and Cyrus? 'Cause that would be so neat, right there. I'm not a type to go with a "bad" side, but I might make an exception for Magma and Galactic. I'd join just to see the leader, heheh, and right when the player comes in, switch sides, pronto, so I can be innocent. Cheap is me, yay~ -huggles Maxie and Cyrus dolls-

Legendary Pokemon Genders

I know, the Legendary Pokemon don't have any genders. But here's just my idea of each legendary Pokemon and their gender and why. Starting from Generation I's legends and so on. Here we go~

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres - ♀ It's my belief that all three of the legendary birds are female. Three birds with the power of nature, and the style makes me think of Din, Nayru, and Farore, the three main goddesses in the Zelda games.

Mew - ♂ Just 'cause he's pink and cute doesn't mean he isn't a guy (plus his shiny is blue, so that should be good enough!) Besides, if Mewtwo is a guy (which most people seem to think), then it makes sense that Mew would be a guy too, since an original girl won't make a boy clone, and if Mewtwo WAS a girl...then Mewtwo has a pretty deep voice for a girl. Oo;

Mewtwo - ♂ His has a deep voice, most of the time that signifies male. Plus, with my assumption that Mew is a guy, it makes sense that Mewtwo is a guy.

Raikou, Entei, Suicune - ♂ Normally I don't think this marrow-mindedly, but they're all legendary dogs, and I always classify "dog" with "male". OTL

Ho-oh - ♀ It's a Phoenix capable of creating new Pokemon, namely the legendary dogs. Usually it's female who have such power, plus Ho-oh is a fire-type that looks like it's a mother hen with a short temper!

Lugia - ♂ A counterpart to Ho-oh, so I figured he would be male. Plus he seems to be a more mellow, laid-back type, something I associate with most guys I know irl.

Celebi - ♂ Everybody makes this one a female, how boring. I see Celebi as a more male type, just to break away from that norm. Plus following the tradition of "chibi Legendaries", so Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, Phione, and Shaymin will all be male. Heads up.

Regirock, Registeel, Regice - N/A I wouldn't know what gender they would be. But most golems don't have genders anyway.

Latias - ♀ I have no say, unfortunately, otherwise THIS would be the male one for me.

Latios - ♂ Hmph. I hate gender-stereotypes, but I won't go there.

Kyogre - ♀ I got the "female" vibe from this Pokemon somehow, and woman's intuition is never wrong! Plus I get my reasoning from the fact that Team Aqua's second admin is Shelly, who's a woman...obviously.

Groudon - ♂ This just seemed "male" to me. I also get my reasoning from Team Magma's second admin Tabitha, who's a guy. Probably isn't significant, but it works out for me...

Rayquaza - N/A It's hard to classify a gender to a legendary dragon.

Jirachi - ♂ In the movie, he befriended Max the most, and guys tend to stick together like that when they're younger. And to make separation of game and anime, all the chibi Legendaries are male to me.

Deoxys - ♂ With all the forms he has, I'd say he's an insecure yet overpowered male from a foreign planet.

Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf - ♂ They do the bidding of Arceus, plus they're small and cute, and I always male small and cute male.

Dialga - ♀ Yeah, sue me. She has a high-pitched cry ("grr-yeeoow!"), and higher vices are usually female. Plus she's blue, a good kick to the gender-stereotype. In my stories, though, Dialga is male, but I'll always see 'er as male.

Palkia - ♂ Pretty an' pink, and we all know pink is a manly color. Plus his cry is more deeper, we all know what that means.

Giratina - N/A Gotta keep a balance here, plus if he's a ghost, he's probably dead, so no real gender there except whatever Giratina wants to be.

Cresselia - ♀ Like we have a choice. But the moon is usually associated with females, anyway, so I guess that's fine.

Darkrai - ♂ The darker counterpart to Cresselia. Darkrai's "dress" doesn't change a thing, plus he looks real mean and domineering, like a certain guy I know irl. >>;

Manaphy - ♂ Chibi Legendary, he's blue, and he's cute~ I'm sure a game somewhere thinks he's male, too. The breeding with Ditto? Ditto is always seen as the female when breeding with ditto, s-so there.

Phione - ♀♂ There can be a million of them thanks to Manaphy and Ditto. So they can be both, the more you make.

Regigias - N/A Same with the first three golems, he probably doesn't have a gender.

Heatran - ♀ The first Heatran I caught was a girl, so the official Heatran is a female for me.

Shaymin - ♂ I think of Sonic when I think hedgehogs. Plus the Sky Forme looks real spunky and youthful, like a young boy ready to start his Pokemon journey.

Arceus - ♀ It "gave birth" to the Lake Trip, huh? What if this "God" Pokemon is really a "Goddess" Pokemon? It's females who have the power of creation, no? It's probably 'cause I made all the chibi Legendaries male, but Arceus seems me.

Finishing this page off!

So, my userpage FINALLY comes to an end! I've blabbed enough, and now, I gotta get workin'! Thanks for viewing the entire thing (if you did, that is, haha), and once again, many thanks to Kogoro and Darkeiya for having helped me out in this!

My dA account, where I'm alive the most.