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Hello Im DragonZekrom. You can call me Zekrom. Since I am a Pokémon fan since I got my first Pokémon game, Pokémon Crystal. Basically my cousin gave me his Pokemon Crystal and I still have it. I'm here on Bulbapedia to help it grow, to continue being the best Pokémon information wiki. I'm a three years experiance-had on Photoshop. Well, I'm a Graphic Desginer. Oh, completely forgot. I'm male. ☆


Contact Me

MSN: [email protected]

E-Mail: (same)

DeviantArt: DragonZekrom

PokéBeach Forums: Zekrom

YouTube Channel: DragonZekrom

If it's just to ask something or some confirmation about something, don't bother finding me on MSN or E-Mail me, just contact me via my talk page. It's better and faster. You know, instert that "User_talk:" and my username and your there. Piece of cake. You can contact me to take a request like a forum signature or something since I'm a GD. Links comming soon as my boredom disappears.

Pokémon Games I own


Pokémon Crystal Version [EU]

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions [EU]

Pokémon Sapphire Version [EU]


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions [EU]

Pokémon Platinum Version [EU]

Pokémon SoulSilver Version [EU]

Games that I will sure get

Pokemon White Version [EU]

More information and stuff comming soon.