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034.png This user identifies as male.
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About Me


Delirious. I created an account mainly because I want to correct various spelling errors I have seen in the articles. I'm not a native speaker of English, but my knowledge is quite advanced. You won't see many major contributions from me, but I'll be snooping 'round, making the articles error free.

That is, unless you guys prefer to do it yourself and I'll watch from the sidelines :)

PS: I must say that I have encountered few spelling errors since I started browsing the wiki. What I've seen was mostly typo's and whatnot.

I'm not exactly gifted with knowledge about the WikiCode, but I'll figure it out and then I'll start fancying up this user page. After all, it's nice to know eachother.

I'm also part of the bulbagarden forum, however not very active.

  • Another thing I'll be doing is adding the dutch names of moves. The dutch anime dub is being rerun over here consistently (which it stopped doing about 6 years ago). I realise some of the moves have been taken care of already, and I've added a few too, but I hope to see all the moves different languages completed as far it is possible.
  • still haven't figured out wikicode. blah.