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This is a working space for the various Escalation Battle data. It will be copied in directly from the pastebin files and anyone is welcome to help create a better representation of it for use on the live page at Special Stages.

For now, the data from the now-deleted section at Pokémon Shuffle is below. Other data will follow at a later time.

Escalation Battle

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Escalation Battle is a stage that has many levels and special rewards to it. It stars a single Pokémon who both gets stronger and provides a higher difficulty level using an associated stage level, also providing higher catchability over time. The catch rate is equal to the stage level, and there is no move bonus for moves remaining.

There have so far been three releases of Escalation Battle in the game.

There were set rewards at various levels:

  • Stage level 5 rewarded the player with 1,000 Coins (Giratina) / a Moves +5 (Cresselia)/ an Exp. Points x1.5 (Darkrai).
  • Stage level 10 rewarded a Disruption Delay.
  • Stage level 30 rewarded a Mega Start/ Stage level 25 (Darkrai)
  • Stage level 50 rewarded a Mega Speedup.
  • Stage level 75 rewarded five bonus Hearts (Darkrai only).
  • Stage level 100 rewarded a Mega Speedup.
  • Stage level 200 rewarded a Mega Speedup (Cresselia and Darkrai).

At stage level 50, the stage's music changes to a unique song that has so far only been used in escalation battles.

At stage level 100, the final stage type was triggered on any future playings for the Giratina stages. No further rewards were given after stage level 100.

At stage level 201, the final stage type was triggered on any future playings for the Cresselia stages. No further rewards were given after stage level 200.

There was no capture bonus for any remaining moves in these stages. All items were available with the exception of the first four levels, where Disruption Delay could not be used as there were no disruptions.

A minor glitch occurs where, once the starring Pokémon is captured, no Poké Ball appears on the stage icon in the special stages area.

Pokémon Type Move
capture %
Giratina Giratina
(Altered Forme)
Ghost 18 Equal to
stage level
N/A 5 June 8 to June 29, 2015
Cresselia Cresselia Psychic 18* Equal to
stage level
N/A 5 July 20 to August 3, 2015
Darkrai Darkrai Dark 18* Equal to
stage level
N/A 5 August 17 to August 31, 2015
*There are exceptions where coins appear in the grid, and the player has either 10 moves or 8 moves to complete the stage. This occurs for Cresselia at stage levels 35, 55, 75, 95, 120, 140, 160 and 180, and Darkrai at stage levels 30 and 55.

There were seven types of stages confirmed in the Giratina event.

Hit points Additional hit points
per level up
Stage differences
1 1-4 2,165 180 No disruptions.
2 5-9 2,886 180 Breakable-rocks. Four per 3 turns.
3 10-29 5,692 60 Breakable-rocks. Four per 2 turns.
4 30-39 6,950 145 4 barriers at start, after 3 turns.
Every turn starting after 6 turns.
5 40-49 9,198 80 Barriers on four outside columns, fixed layout.
Unbreakable blocks drop in left columns.
Single matches trigger 2 barriers; later, column of barriers per 2 turns
6 50-99 10,425 70 Shaymin, Spinda, Munchlax, Kecleon, or Smeargle appears as a disruption.
3 barriers or a block column (random, randomly disrupts multiple times in a turn) per 3 turns.
Uses different music to previous stage levels.
7 100 26,065 50 Barriers (two times), then breakable-rocks every two turns.

The Cresselia difficulty escalations are similar to the Giratina ones, however instead of blocks, Cresselia's disruptions are mainly Barrier-type ones. Levels 35, 55, 75, 95, 120, 140, 160 and 180 are exceptions, with the stages being full of coins, as well as Cresselia using coin-type disruptions. Additionally, stage levels 50, 100 and 200 are diferent from all other stage levels, and they are signifigantly more challenging than the other stage levels, with barriers in the stage layout and Solosis, Duosion, Reuniclus, Espurr, or male Meowstic appearing as a disruption.. Darkrai tends to use unbreakable-blocks or copies of itself as disruptions, and is more challenging in a similar way at stage levels 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200.