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i, of course am sir aaron sama fangirl(aaron sama fan girl).i love pokemon and think sir aaron sama is cute.below is a copy of his article.which no one can erase.but you can edit i copied it? nobody knows. but i did create aaron's article. and someone edited it, i am very proud at that.

Sir Aaron, cuuute!

Sir Aaron (Japanese: アーロン様 Āron-sama) is a legendary hero known as the Hero of the Wave. He was one of the major characters in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. His Japanese voice actor is 山寺宏一 Kōichi Yamadera and his English voice actor is Jason Griffith.

Aaron is able to manipulate a type of energy known as aura, which is why he is called the Hero of the Wave. He taught Lucario, his student, how to use this energy as well. Because of this, the two become close friends.

Aaron risked his life to stop a war. Before he died, he sent a message to Lucario using a time flower saying he was his friend and that he did not want Lucario to share the same fate he shared. Aaron said, "The wave is in me," and restored Mew's power by sacrficing himself. Lucario did not know what had happened, and thought Aaron was abandoning the castle instead of saving it.

Ash Ketchum has the same wave as Sir Aaron. Because of this, Lucario first mistook Ash for Aaron. Ash is also able to use the same powers as Aaron when he wears the special gloves that Aaron wore.

since ash and aaron share the same power it is possible for them to be related but this is highly impossible.aaron could be ash's great,great,great, grandfather,uncle or cousin. but still, highly impossible.

aaron's student

lucario was aaron's student. aaron was teaching lucario how to use 'wave' or 'aura'.

in the movie ash and his friends noticed that ash has aura. ash's aura is the same as aaron's.

now, here is a copy of an article about ash.i wrote most of it my self using the facts i know. (important facts only).

Ash in Diamond/Pearl series

Ash Ketchum (Japanese: サトシ Satoshi, French: Sacha, German: Ash Ketchum, Korean: Jiu) His Japanese voice actress is 松本梨香 Rica Matsumoto, his English voice actress is Veronica Taylor and his Brazilian voice actor is Fabio Lucindo.

ash is a 10 yr old pokemon trainer who is now, mabey 14,15,16 or 19.(if he was 19 he would have gone through puberty). pokemon may go through 12 seasons for ash to finish his pokemon journey. ash traveld with 3 girls and 3 boys once in his life. the 3 girls are misty,may,and hikari(whom i dislike, him and may were cute together, but i still call ash as mine). the 3 boys are max,brock and tracey. many pokemon fans thought ash loved misty or may, but since the past seasons ended in japan and the 10th season begun and the 9th season begun in the U.S.A., it is clearly true that ash only likes misty and may as friends.

my fav fiction charicters


my fav PKM(pokemon) charicters

may(hay lin)hakura stewart

i call her hay lin

may is a cute yet weird girl. she collects ribbond and MAY or MAY not like ash. but this is unknown.

her voices are: uhh..

her other names are:

  • German: Maike
  • French: Flora
  • Italian: Vera
  • Spanish: Aura

max(maxwell)massato stewart

ugly image.

max is an adorable little boy.

misty(shelly or shella)Kasumi sheko

it's a good thing he left her

brock(brockily-tree)Takeshi jameson

him looking better

uuuhhh.....he likes girls

ileen(sarah-jessi)Rene or leen sama yoshi

no picture, information still to be found

lucario(rukario)sabashtan sama?

Lucario (Japanese: ルカリオ Lucario) is a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon.

i've got the aura...

sir aaron(hottie)samna sama

you already know of sir aaron.


latias and latios


i never saw movie cause im in the us, there's nothing on manafi.



about pokemon movies

have you ever noticed that every pokemon movie stars legendary pokemon?