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The female Trainer

This female Trainer is a character of the day who appeared in One Trick Phony!.

She battled Ash with her Smoochum, nicknamed Josephine. However, she stopped the battle after Josephine was knocked to the ground by Pikachu's Quick Attack. The Trainer let Josephine rest after the "intense battle", and recommended that Ash and his friends visit the Battle Park to practice against more Pokémon and Trainers.


This Trainer's Smoochum, nicknamed Josephine (Japanese: ジョセフィーヌ Josephine), is her only known Pokémon. On Ash's way to Blackthorn City, he met Josephine and her Trainer and accepted her challenge to a battle. Smoochum tried to hit Pikachu with a fury of Sweet Kisses, and Pikachu retaliated with Quick Attack. Pikachu was about to unleash Thunderbolt, but Josephine's Trainer ordered the match to end so Josephine could rest up.

Josephine's only known move is Sweet Kiss.

Debut One Trick Phony!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Kayzie Rogers

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese こおろぎさとみ Satomi Koorogi
English Kerry Williams
Polish Agata Rzeszewska

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