Temacu's father

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Temacu's father

Temacu's father (Japanese: ヒメカの父 Himeka's father) is a character of the day who appeared in The Heartbreak of Brock. He is the father of Temacu and a Pokémon Professor.

When Temacu fell in love with Brock for saving her from falling in the water fountain, her father went to Ash and his friends as he saw that Temacu had an interest in Brock. After that, he took the group to his laboratory in order to stay over for dinner and tea. The following day, he took the group through his laboratory, admitting that he would be expanding his facility to be able to host 100 different Pokémon. Later, when Team Rocket attacked the laboratory and stole his Pokémon. After the Smokescreen cleared, his Pokémon were still at the lab, but his daughter was missing. He quickly assembled a search party including Ash and his friends to locate Temacu.

Team Rocket were initially annoyed that they had only caught Temacu, but decided to use her affection for James to steal her father's Pokémon. James and Jessie disguised themselves as Temacu's fiance and maid of honor, respectively. With a fake story and Temacu's blind love, he invited the trio into his home without any suspicions. Jessie and Meowth were quick to steal a bag full of Poké Balls from his store room. Even though the heist was interrupted, Temacu's father hadn't realized that his daughter's guests had stolen from him until Ash's group arrived and revealed Team Rocket's true identities. Team Rocket attempted to flee with the stolen Poké Balls, but Ash's group stopped them.

After Team Rocket's defeat, Temacu's father revealed to the group that Temacu had been wanting to get married ever since she attended her cousin's wedding. He then bid farewell to the group as they headed off to the next town.


At the lab

Temacu father Cubone Azumarill.png
Temacu father Cubone Azumarill.png
Temacu father Venonat Raticate Rattata Sentret.png
Temacu father Venonat Raticate Rattata Sentret.png
Temacu father Venonat Raticate Rattata Sentret.png
Temacu father Venonat Raticate Rattata Sentret.png
Temacu father Kingler Shellder Wooper.png
Temacu father Kingler Shellder Wooper.png
Temacu father Kingler Shellder Wooper.png
  • Temacu's father mentioned that he had at least 50 Pokémon at his laboratory, some of which were not seen during The Heartbreak of Brock.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 志村知幸 Tomoyuki Shimura
English Dan Green
Italian Gianluca Iacono
European Spanish Miguel Ángel Montero

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