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Tallulah (Japanese: ミズバア Mizubā) is a character of the day who appeared in Take the Lombre Home!. She is the grandmother of Mary. Her name was only revealed through closed captioning and the Japanese credits.

After Brock's Lotad evolved into Lombre, Tallulah ran up to it. She referred to Lombre as the "Great Water Lord", a Pokémon deeply respected by her forest village, and hoped its presence would end the year of drought. She and the other villagers performed a rain dance, though this only upset her granddaughter, who argued that science and ground-testing would work better.

Later, a Solrock appeared and started dancing alongside Brock's Lombre. Tallulah believed it was performing a curse, reaffirming her idea that Solrock was behind the village's drought. She and the other villagers attempted to stop it from moving, but ended up being caught by its Psychic. Ash and Brock intervened and managed to settle the situation.

Team Rocket appeared and attempted to steal Lombre and Solrock. Eventually, however, the pair were freed and Solrock spun into action and saved the villagers from Team Rocket. Solrock continued to spin and managed to catch fire as it made its way towards the village. Brock used Lombre and Mudkip's Water Guns to put Solrock out. The steam generated from this led to a build-up of clouds and eventually a miraculous downpour of rain that helped put out the fire. As a result, Tallulah came to respect Solrock and the Meteorite Pokémon became the village's new guardian, with Lombre being discarded in the process.

Voice actresses

Language Voice actor
Japanese 上村典子 Noriko Uemura
Finnish Elise Langenoja
Italian Caterina Rochira
Brazilian Portuguese Maralise Tartarine
European Spanish Matilde Conesa

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