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Item Cards Subclass

I wasn't paying attention to the TCG back when apparently "Trainer cards" were split into "Stadium", "Supporter" and "Trainer (aka Goods)" classes. I certainly don't know when that happened exactly. All I remember was getting back into the game around the end of HGSS and seeing that cards that say something like "search your deck for a Trainer card" only referred to "Trainer (aka Goods)" cards, and thus couldn't grab a Stadium, Supporter, or any Trainer cards released before the split. I also do at least remember when Stadiums, Supporters, and Trainer-aka-Goods cards were brought back as subclasses under the single "Trainer card" main class, which then redefined the Trainer-aka-Goods as "Item" cards... so therefore—apparently—any references to "Trainer card" on a card made between the split and B&W now have been errata'd to refer to "Item" cards. Is that how it went down?

If so, then if someone doesn't edit it later, then I guess I'll do it myself. However, I don't remember when exactly the split happened. Was it with the release of DP? However, someone wrote in this article saying that "Goods" cards were introduced in Japan during HGSS... is that right or wrong? I'm not sure. Any clarification to this would be greatly appreciated. In the mean time, I guess I'll leave the article as-is. Nick15 (talk) 15:15, 19 November 2015 (UTC)