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Newer Bits

What to do?

  • Add/update Korean names for everything
  • Update Korean name etymology
  • Update deck archetype page (add new HS-on decks as well as clean up current decks)
  • Add "Human Language" article
  • Just do more stuff....

Human Language notes

  • The purpose of that article is to cover the language(s) used by the human characters in the series in order to talk and write.
  • These languages include:
  • English
    Example of text written in both English and "Nationalese"/"Sinnohese"
  • written (as evidenced by store names spotted in the background and in the title card for "Sinnoh Now")
  • spoken (not counting that the anime is dubbed in English; it is ysed in attack names like "Simple Beam" and even the name "Pocket Monsters"/"Pokémon")
  • Japanese
  • written (seen in the background in the anime and in other items)
  • spoken (not counting that the anime is originally in Japanse, some attack names, item names and Pokémon names have Japanese-language roots)
  • "Nationalese" (or perhaps "Nationalish", "Nationalic", "Nationalan" "Nationalian", "Nationalii", "Nationaleen", etc.)
  • written (as seen in the title card for "Sinnoh Now" above)
  • spoken (I argue that everyone in the anime speaks "Nationalese"--seeing as they can read it [James' Pokémon flash cards are written in Nationalese]--and thus the anime is simply "translated" into Japanese/English/etc from Nationalese, just like Star Trek "translates" Klingon/Vulcan/etc into English/etc.)
  • "Nationalese" is a unique written (and spoken?) language used in the Pokémon anime, meant to be a language that is neither English or Japanese in order to emphasize the Pokémon world's "international"-ness.
  • I chose the name "Nationalese" based on the name "National Pokédex", which implies that all the regions take place in a single Nation, and that Nation speaks a single language.... "Nationalese".
  • "Unovaian"
  • written (in various Unova backgrounds)
  • Unovian is definitely a distinct written language from Nationalese. Maybe it's only a regional dialect and that the Unovians and the Nationalese are still able to communicate with one another in the same spoken language... or perhaps the Unovian know how to speak Nationalese in the same way the French know how to speak English in order to communicate with their British neighbors.
  • Of course, this won't count languages spoken in the anime and the languages they're dubbed in (that is to say, just because the characters are speaking Japanese/English/Polish/etc. in the anime, it doesn't mean they're REALLY speaking it within the realm of the anime's universe). On the other hand, if a word exists in a specific language AND that word remains the same in the various dubs (such as an attack name which is in the same language no matter if it's in the Japanese, English, Korean, etc. version of the anime/game), then we can surmise that that word is intentionally meant to be spoken in that specific language, and thus is evidence of that language's existence in the Pokémon universe.

What have I done?

  • Basically started a ton of pages in the TCG section
  • And if I didn't start them, many pages instead have information and graphics that I originally made for my website, only cleaned up a bit and made more "encyclopedic".
  • Added Korean names for some things, but not everything (yet)

What have I failed to do?

  • Make people remember who I am and not treat me like some newb (this is a very hard thing to do...)

Older Stuff

Howdy. I'm Philippe Van Lieu, aka Nick15. I'm something of an old tymer here with Bulbapedia as well as Bulbagarden... so pay your respects you young whippersnapper! And don't you forget it! ... I only just wish people remembered it to be able to forget it. :(

But seriously, I've been a name within the online Pokemon community at large for a good ten years now. Lesse...

  • I used to run my own Pokémon site, Pokémon Aaah! for five years between April 10th, 1999 and May 10th, 2004.
  • I played the Pokémon TCG from Base Set and ending with EX FireRed & LeafGreen.
  • I've been a part of the Pojo, UPN, the PokeGym (Psylum, WizPoG AND its current incarnation), PokeMasters, Pokemon Abode AND Bulbagarden since just about the beginning of those sites.
  • One version of my site was temporarily hosted at Bulbagarden back in 2001, by personal invite by Anenga, at
  • I laid the foundation for a good portion of the TCG articles at Bulbapedia, as well as contributed a lot of info to those articles. A lot of the images about those early TCG sets (like set logos and icons) were images I scanned for my own site but later used here. Heck, you might consider me the Meowth346 of the TCG. (Or maybe Meowth346 is the Nick15 of the video games? :P)
  • I'm also the first major Pokémon TCG graphical fake card maker (at least the first to popularize the concept), developing the first system of instructions and blanks that has evolved into what you know of today. Every other graphical fake card maker can pretty much trace the the lineage of influences back to me. Not to toot my own horn or anything. :)

I still love Pokémon, but not enough to dedicate my time and life to it like I used to back in the day. I still desire to leave *A* mark upon the Pokémon community at large, so I try my best to keep Bulbapedia up-to-date. Thus, I'm here.

Eventually I'm gonna trick out this profile, like how people have their team info, awards and other junk on their pages. :D

The other moral of this story is: Don't treat me like a noob, or else it'll come back to bite you in the ass soon.

My History With Pokemon

  • 1998: Discovered it after classmates play it in school, then started playing it on my computer as a ROM.
  • March 1999: Started playing the Pokemon TCG
  • April 1999: Started work on Pokemon Aaah!, made my first Pokemon TCG fake card (a Missingno.)
  • November 1999: Bought my very first Game Boy Color (in yellow) and Pokemon Yellow game pack.
  • April 2000: Bought the Pokemon TCG for GBC game.
  • July 2000: Went to the West Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2000 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach!
  • October 2000: Bought Pokemon Silver for GBC.
  • June 2001: Bought White GBA
  • September 2001: Got my first (and still current) job, allowing me to use that money to buy all the Pokemon stuff I want!!
  • December 2001: Went to the West Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 at the San Diego Convention Center!
  • June 2002: Got first place during stage one of the Professor Draft at the San Diego Pokémon event, going 5-0. Got to play with THE William Hung too! :D
  • August 2002: Later went to Worlds in Seattle and had plenty of good times.
  • March 2003: Bought Pokemon Ruby for GBA.
  • July 2003: Said goodbye to the Wizards-run version of Pokémon TCG at GenCon Indy, managed to score some awesome little tidbits and finally got to see THE Prerelease Raichu! :D
  • May 2004: Permanently stopped regular, consistent work on Pokemon Aaah!
  • June 2004: Made "Rocket's Articuno" fake card, last fake made on a regular basis
  • September 2004: Bought Pokemon LeafGreen, quit playing Pokemon TCG soon after
  • October 2004: Bought XROM 512Mb GBA flash cart
  • December 2004: Got NDS (Phat) for Christmas
  • January 2005: Lost GBC, Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Ruby carts in a car accident in Elko, NV.
  • 2005: Bought PSP-1000, hacked it to play GBA games, sold most other GBA games
  • 2005: Started editing articles at Bulbapedia at a semi-regular basis. Pretty much all of the text in the Pokemon TCG articles was written by me
  • April 2007: Bought Pokemon Diamond for NDS
  • July 2007: Made the first fakes since Rocket's Articuno for "Pokémonathon"
  • September 2007: Bought R4DS for NDS
  • 2009: Bought NDSi
  • September 2009: Downloaded Pokemon SoulSilver (Japanese)
  • March 2010: Bought Pokemon SoulSilver (English)
  • July 2010: Rebought Pokemon Silver and Game Boy Color (in Atomic Purple) for old skool fun
  • August 2010: Made the first fakes since Pokémonathon for Worlds 2010 in Hawaii, "Nick15's Zekrom" and "Nick15's Reshiram"; the last Pokemon TCG fake cards made (so far, that is... I haven't quit making fakes just yet!)
  • September 2010: Downloaded Pokemon Black (Japanese)
  • October 2010: Got Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver (Korean) carts.
  • February 2011: My Fake cards article went live on Bulbapedia! Huzzah!!
  • March 2011: Bought Pokemon White (English)
  • April 2011: Returned to the Pokemon TCG with Black & White (TCG)!!
  • August 2011: Released my next fakes for Worlds 2011 in San Diego: "Nick15's Keldeo" and "Nick15's Genesect"! ... Apparently weren't as popular as my previous year's fakes. Oh well. :(
  • October 2011: Got Pokemon White and Pokemon Black (Korean) carts.
  • November 2011: Don't worry User:TTEchidna, you're alright in MY book (for what it's worth)... :3
  • 20XX: Pokémon? CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP.

Old Bits

Nick15, otherwise known as Philippe Van Lieu, is a mere footnote in the history of the online Pokémon community. Mostly known for his Pokémon Aaah! website, which was the first website that featured fan made fake Pokémon TCG cards.

Is currently a Senior at San Francisco State University. Is also a short filmmaker and comic artist, producing work through P-Tip Productions, his fledgling production company. In 2004, after ending regular updates on, he started focusing on his comic work and has since been working on his webcomic series, Moose River.

Has no clue why he's even posting at Bulbapedia.

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