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Raikou (Pokémon)

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Raikou may be particularly based on the Thunder and Lightning gods of most cultures surrounding the world, mostly the 雷獣 ''{{wp|raijū}}'' (lit. thunder beast), a thunder demon of Japanese lore and is said to be Raijin's companion. It is said to be a creature that could take the form of a {{wp|tiger}}, {{wp|monkey}}, blue {{wp|wolf}} wrapped in lightning, and many other animals. Raikou is specifically based on its tiger form, while the Pokémon {{p|Manectric}} is based on its wolf form.
In terms of physical build, Raikou may be based on the ''{{wp|Smilodon fatalis}}'', a well-known but extinct species of wildcat often referred to as a saber-toothed tiger. Its color and pattern scheme are reminiscent of that of a {{wp|Bengal tiger}}. The stripes that decorate Raikou's body also can be compared to zigzagging thunderbolts and perhaps even scars from claws. The white ruff around Raikou's face is akin to the {{wp|Siberian tiger}}'s thick fur around its neck. In the anime, Raikou is shown to be very agile, swift, stealthy, and a powerful attacker, just like a tiger. The gray "plate" atop its head may be similar to Entei's head ornament, being either a helmet or crown that signifies courage and power.
The flowing purple mane on its back is likely meant to invoke the image of a {{wp|cumulonimbus cloud}}, the cloud type most often associated with thunderstorms.

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