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Following a lead from [[Clair]], {{adv|Silver}} travels to the [[Johto Safari Zone]] in order to seek out [[Lance]] and possible involvements of [[Team Rocket]]. However, the scene of the [[Safari Zone Gate]] is bustling with people, and a stunned Silver begins doubting the possibility of Team Rocket showing up. Amidst the stalls, Silver encounters [[Eusine]], selling poetry and sketches related to Suicune, which Silver isn't impressed with. However, Silver is caught in the throngs of people entering the Safari Zone, and unwittingly ends up participating in the Safari gameGame.
Silver decides to investigate from inside the Safari Zone, remembering that the Safari game is where Trainers can catch Pokémon. Encountering a wild {{p|Arbok}}, Silver has his {{TP|Silver|Weavile}} attack it so he can catch it, but is stopped by Eusine and his {{p|Electrode}} before he can throw the Safari Ball. Eusine furiously reminds Silver that the rules ban battling Pokémon to catch them, which Silver realizes he didn't pay attention to. Eusine apologizes to Silver for shouting, and explains that if Silver was caught battling he would be in trouble with [[Baoba]]. Silver recognizes Eusine from his booth, and Eusine introduces himself as a {{p|Suicune}} hunter&mdash;he had set up shop outside the Safari Zone to look for more information on Suicune. Unsure if Eusine is ally or foe, Silver decides to test Eusine by taking out the [[Plate]] he took. From afar, [[Petrel]] watches the two and identifies Silver as the one who attacked his {{p|Koffing}} and stole the Plate they found.

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