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レオン Leon
Poké Ball
Ritchie Sparky.png
Debuts in A Friend In Deed
Caught at Unknown
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Ritchie
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Pikachu Satomi Koorogi

Sparky (Japanese: レオン Leon) is Ritchie's main Pokémon, a Pikachu who is distinguished from other members of its species by a scruff of fur on the top of its head.

In the anime


Original series

Sparky and Ritchie
Sparky with Ash's Pikachu

Sparky debuted in A Friend In Deed, where it partnered with Ash's Pikachu to take on Team Rocket when the latter was unable to on his own. Together they managed to defeat Jessie's Arbok with Agility and Thunderbolt.

In Friend and Foe Alike, Sparky was the last Pokémon sent out by Ritchie during his battle against Ash in the Indigo Plateau Conference, where it automatically won when Ash's Charizard became disobedient and refused to battle.

In Friends to the End, Sparky was once again the last one sent out when Ritchie battled Assunta after both sides were down to one Pokémon. Sparky was having trouble keeping up with Assunta's Ivysaur as Thunder Shock was rendered useless when it was blocked by Ivysaur's Vine Whip. During the battle, Sparky lost to Ivysaur's Solar Beam, eliminating Ritchie from the competition.


It reappeared around the end of Hi Ho Silver... Away! while Ash and his friends were on their way to see a mysterious Pokémon. During A Parent Trapped!, Team Rocket set up a trap that would capture the parent Lugia by using Silver as bait. The gang knew about this and Ritchie had Sparky try to stop the parent Lugia from getting to the child so it wouldn't get captured. Butch and Cassidy wouldn't allow that and used a device that powered their Pokémon, making them more powerful. Sparky wasn't successful in stopping the parent and the parent got captured by Team Rocket.

In the next episode, Dr. Namba chose Sparky and Ash's Pikachu as test subjects for the device the duo used earlier on their Pokémon. Before Dr. Namba got to try it out, Oliver came in and rescued Ash, Ritchie and the gang. However, Dr. Namba tripped the alarm which summoned Butch and Cassidy. The duo had a rematch with Sparky and Pikachu using their Hitmontop and Houndour respectively. Both Pikachu aimed their Thunderbolts at the machine powering up the Pokémon, destroying it. Both Hitmontop and Houndour were rendered useless without the machine and were taken out by Sparky and Pikachu. After Team Rocket was defeated, Sparky went up against Dr. Namba's Electabuzz and had trouble with it. However, Sparky destroyed the machine Dr. Namba was using and Ash's Pikachu defeated Electabuzz.

Pokémon Chronicles

In Oaknapped!, Sparky tried to stop Butch and Cassidy from getting away with Professor Oak after Ritchie and the others found the location he was kidnapped. Cassidy's Sableye took on Sparky to stall them from stopping Butch running away with Professor Oak. Later, Sparky Thunderbolted Sableye, causing it to land on Butch's Mightyena.

In Celebi and Joy!, it brought down a demolition crew that Ritchie thought were going to demolish a Pokémon Center.

In The Search for the Legend, Sparky traveled with Ritchie on the S.S. Anne to a volcanic island. They arrived at Mt. Ember and learned about Moltres residing there. Butch and Cassidy arrived to take the Moltres but Sparky stopped them with Thunderbolt while Silver tried to save Moltres with Salamence.

Pokémon the Series: Black & White

Sparky appeared in a flashback in The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!, where it was seen battling Ash's Charizard.

Personality and characteristics

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Prior to meeting Ash, Ritchie had always kept Sparky in its Poké Ball, just like his other Pokémon, but in later episodes, Sparky has always been outside of its Ball, just like Ash's Pikachu. Sparky has always been sort of like a friendly rival to Ash's Pikachu.

Moves used

Sparky Agility.png
Using Agility
Move First Used In
Agility A Friend In Deed
Thunderbolt A Friend In Deed
Thunder Shock Friends to the End
Thunder A Promise is a Promise
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the manga

The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Sparky in The Electric Tale of Pikachu
Sparky and Ash's Pikachu

Sparky appears in The Electric Tale of Pikachu, which is based on the anime. In VIZ Media's English translation of the manga, it is named Chuchino instead of Sparky.

Sparky first appears in Welcome to the Big Leagues when Ash has it mistaken for his Pikachu. Ash meets Ritchie when he found out the other Pikachu was actually his. Later, Ritchie wins his first match using only Sparky. In the fifth round of the Novice Tournament of the Pokémon, Sparky was sent out after his Butterfree was taken out by Ash's Squirtle. It went up against Ash's Pikachu and both Pokémon traded similar attacks to each other. Their last attack, Thunder, knocked out each other.

Sparky cameoed in Pikachu's Plan alongside Ritchie where they witnessed Ash defeat Drake on TV.

Moves used

Ash Pikachu Sparky Agility EToP.png
Using Agility
Move First Used In
Agility The Indigo Finals
Thunder The Indigo Finals
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the games

In the side series

Pokémon Puzzle League

Sparky was one of Ritchie's three Pokémon in Pokémon Puzzle League.


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