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These are Professor Magnolia's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Route 2
  • Outside her house
"Oh Goodness, no. The whole thing is still full of questions."
"I'd hoped that my granddaughter would take over my research, but..."
"Dear me, I'm sorry. I didn't even notice my guests!"
"My name is Magnolia. Welcome, young trainers! Now come, let's head indoors."
  • Inside her house
"Why, Hop dear. I see Wooloo has made some new friends."
"And you must be <player>."
"I trust you received the Pokédex from Sonia. I'm sure you'll have it complete in no time!"
"There you go again, Leon, always talking about Pokémon. There are other things that are worth knowing about, too, you know. Like how many different types of tea there are!"
"Oh Leon, why wouldn't you endorse them?"
"Dearie, I thought your dream was to have everyone in the Galar region become strong Trainers. Isn't that right?"
  • If talked to again
"Now remember, be sure to give it everything you've got. That's the best thing you can do for your Pokémon—and for yourself, too."
  • Before the player battles Hop
"I'm rather interested in seeing how you two young Trainers battle, too."
  • After the player battles Hop
"Don't be silly, Hop."
"Those Wishing Stars are composed of a curious sort of rock containing unknown power... They are one of the most precious resources we have here in the Galar region. But they won't do a thing for you in that state. Give them to me now, and I'll have you sorted."
"I do understand your excitement, young man, but don't get carried away. You want to save your energy for tomorrow's journey!"
  • Outside her house, the following day
"Good morning to you, young Challengers."
"<player>, Hop, these are for you."
"Those are your Dynamax Bands."
"I made them by fitting the Wishing Stars you found last night into those bands."
"My word, you don't waste any time, do you? I think you'll find it's not so simple as all that. There are a number of conditions you must meet if you hope to have your Pokémon Dynamax and take on that gigantic form. Now don't be afraid to go to all sorts of places and meet all sorts of Pokémon. That will help fill out your Pokédex, too."
  • If talked to again after the player reaches the Wild Area
"You will have the chance to meet many Pokémon and Trainers in the Wild Area. You may even encounter Dynamax Pokémon in such places. Put your faith in your partner, and push yourself to new heights together.
  • After the player defeats Piers
"But being able to predict such things is part of a scientist's work."
"The chairman called for me."
"He wanted to know all about the red light's relationship to the Dynamax phenomenon."
"Nothing worth my time. The chairman's all wrapped up in fretting over the future of our energy, apparently. He's left everything to that executive lady. We just don't have enough data. That's why I wanted to ask you to start looking into things, too, Sonia. You know more than anyone about the Darkest Day, after all."
  • After the player defeats Raihan
"It certainly seems to be that way, my dear."
"As you know, we Dynamax our Pokémon today using the energy from Wishing Stars that have fallen to us."
"But we still don't know how to fully control the energy behind Dynamaxing or how the two heroes managed to do so."
"In fact, we're not even really sure who—or what—the two heroes actually were."
"Sonia, my dearest... My lab coat is yours now."
"Think of it as something to help you finish that work."
"The two heroes that protected the Galar region from the Darkest Day... And the legend of the sword and shield you just mentioned... It's up to you to figure out the truth behind it all."
  • If talked to again
"There are things that only young people like you can do, and there are other things that you can do, and there are other things that should be left to the adults. Everyone has their own role."
  • Inside the player's house, after the player becomes Champion
"Congratulations, Champion. Here, I've got a little something for you as celebration":'
"After everything <player> has achieved, it's really the least I could do. The Wishing Stars that make Dynamaxing possible are parts of Eternatus. And when Eternatus was awakened, Dynamax energy flooded the entire region... Because of that, Dynamax Pokémon were popping up all over, causing trouble across all of Galar. But <player> and his friends came to our rescue. The Dynamax phenomenon has long been an important part of Galarian culture. I hope everyone will use the power of Dynamaxing correctly in the days to come. So, young <player>. Please, do what you believe is best."
  • Inside the Pokémon Lab, in the post-game
"That's right! You could never understand how important these Wishing Stars are. You have no need for them!"
"Oh dear... it would seem we've been completely had."
  • If talked to again
"Seems that lot did have something to back up all their big talk..."
  • Outside the Pokémon Lab
"You've certainly grown strong in the face of adversity, dearie."
"Dynamaxing draws out the true strength from the trust between a Pokémon and their Trainer. But that group is likely pouring the Galar particles emitted by the Wishing Stars into Pokémon, forcing them to Dynamax."
That would explain the theft...: "As expected of the Champion. Your intuition is quite sharp, <player>."
Regardless of choice: "The theft of the Wishing Stars was just the start. Things could get a lot worse from here on."
  • After detecting more Dynamaxing at the stadiums
"They certainly get around, don't they?"
  • If talked to again
"Wishing Stars were one component of the Darkest Day..."
"If they have that many, they could cause Pokémon to Dynamax like Eternatus did."