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The Volcano

The Volcano (Japanese: かざん Volcano) is one of the six major areas of Pokémon Island, and like its name suggests, it is an active volcano. It is inhabited primarily by Fire-type Pokémon.

Ten Pokémon species can be photographed in the area. A small, murky pond is home to Magikarp, the only non-Fire-type Pokémon that can be found on the course. The Magmar in the area are very territorial and can be witnessed infighting and competing with each other and other Pokémon. In contrast, the local Charmander stay in a close-knit pack.

At the beginning of the Volcano is a volcanic splatter cone surrounded by a lava pit. If a Pester Ball is thrown into its crater, it will emit a thick cloud of purple smoke resembling a Koffing. Professor Oak names this Pokémon sign Koffing Smoke.

Koffing Smoke

Todd's description

The boiling magma here makes this place very hot. I'm sweating already!

Native Pokémon

Pokémon Description Pokémon Description
Rapidash Rapidash Several Rapidash gallop by early in the course. More can be seen in that area, though they do not run. Vulpix Vulpix Just beyond the Rapidash is a Vulpix, playing. Pokémon food delights the fire fox. Afterwards, two more Vulpix can be found.
Charmander Charmander One is near the beginning with a Magmar. When stopped by the giant Egg, two more can be seen. Tossing Pokémon food to them will cause them to each call two more which makes a pack of six. Playing the Poké Flute for them will make all six march in place. When they run out of food and the Poké Flute isn't playing, they begin to growl and cry. Magmar Magmar Early on, a Magmar will attack a nearby Charmander if disturbed. Later on, two Magmar can be seen battling one another if they are lured together.
Charmeleon Charmeleon If the Charmander near the Magmar is attacked by Magmar's fiery attack, it will evolve into Charmeleon. Another Charmeleon is near the end of the course, running around a pool of lava. Moltres Moltres When the enormous egg blocking the ZERO-ONE's path is knocked into the lava below, it hatches into Moltres.
Growlithe Growlithe Growlithe hide in craters near the end of the area. Tossing Pester Balls into the craters may cause them to hop out. Arcanine Arcanine Sometimes a disturbed Arcanine hops from the craters near the end of the stage instead of a Growlithe, after tossing Pester Balls into them.
Charizard Charizard Near the end of the course, there is a crater of magma, with a Charmeleon pacing around it. Knocking Charmeleon into the crater will cause it to evolve into Charizard, which, if hit with an item, will use Flamethrower. Magikarp Magikarp As in other areas, throwing an item into a pool of water may cause a Magikarp to leap out. Only one pool of water exists in the Volcano, near the end, opposite the magma crater that Charmeleon is circling.

Special Pictures

Fighting Magmar

Two Magmar immediately after the Moltres egg will knock each other out if lured together with food. Taking a picture will get many points.

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