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The Cave

The Cave (Japanese: どうくつ Cave) is one of the six major areas of Pokémon Island, and like its name suggests, it is a dark cave accessed via the nearby River. The Cave is home to many nocturnal and Poison Pokémon.

Thirteen different kinds of Pokémon may be photographed within the cave at any given time, although Pester Balls will reveal the cave's Bulbasaur to actually be Ditto in disguise. Hoards of Zubat can be seen and heard chirping and fluttering about, while the local Jigglypuff are pestered by the Koffing.

Towards the back of the cave's third chamber, several large crystals twinkle in the darkness like stars. If photographed, the developed photos show a mysterious and ghostly aurora around the crystals that resembles Mewtwo. Professor Oak names this Pokémon sign Mewtwo Constellation.

Mewtwo Constellation

Todd's description

This is a scary-looking cave. I bet if I listen carefully, I'll hear lots of strange noises.

Native Pokémon

Pokémon Description Pokémon Description
At the start of the course, there are openings on the cave walls where this Pokémon can be seen. Pokémon food will make them turn around. Two more appear if the player takes pictures of the first two. One appears on a platform below the player, and the second appears to the left. Bulbasaur
A few of these can be seen on a ledge on the right side of the course. Despite being disguised Ditto, a picture of these still counts as Bulbasaur.
After being hit with three Pester Balls, a Grimer will evolve into Muk. Koffing
Three of these can be found, each harassing a Jigglypuff. They leave when hit with a Pester Ball.
A few Zubat will fly past the player as soon as he enters the course. Another is seen deep in the stage, flying around with a Pikachu on it. At the end of the stage, more will fly past. Weepinbell
It is found floating around a pool of water.
After a "Bulbasaur" is hit with a Pester Ball, it will transform into its true form, Ditto. Magikarp
Throwing an item into the water may cause one to jump out.
Three of these can be found flying around, each being harassed by a Koffing. Hitting the three Koffing with Pester Balls will cause three Jigglypuff to appear at the very end of the stage on the right. Jynx
Two are seen idling around a large icy Egg. Playing the Poké Flute will wake them up and they'll start doing a magical dance.
Knocking the Weepinbell into the pool will cause it to evolve. Articuno
The Jynx's dance in reaction to the Poké Flute will cause the egg to hatch into Articuno. It is seen again in the final part of the course, flying towards the player.
Pikachu is captured by a Zubat just past where Weepinbell is.

Special photographs

Balloon Pikachu

If the Zubat carrying Pikachu is hit with a Pester Ball, it will fly off and Pikachu will fall. However it spawns a group of balloons that carry it to safe ground. Taking a picture while Pikachu is drifting down will earn lots of points.

Pikachu riding Articuno

After rescuing Pikachu from Zubat and Articuno hatches, near the exit Articuno will be seen flying towards Todd with Pikachu on its back.

Jigglypuff on Stage

If the Koffing chasing Jigglypuff is hit with a Pester Ball, Jigglypuff will puff off to the stage. The way you will get the most amount of points is to save all of the Jigglypuff. The stage is at the end of the Cave, with the main Jigglypuff singing Jigglypuff's song from the anime.

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