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The Valley

The Valley (Japanese: けいこく Valley) is one of the six major areas of Pokémon Island, and like its name suggests, it is a valley with a whitewater river flowing through it. The rapids are fast-moving, with numerous drops and twists. At a fork in the river at the end of the Valley, a floodgate seals off a lagoon where a tropical island hut can be found. The player must use Pester Balls and a Squirtle to knock a Mankey onto a button to open this floodgate. When the player first visits this lagoon, they will find Professor Oak, who informs them of his discovery of Pokémon signs.

Thirteen different species of Pokémon can be photographed in the Valley. Many of the Pokémon living in the area are aquatic and Water-type Pokémon, ranging from the common Magikarp to much rarer Pokémon such as Dratini and even Dragonite. There are also playful Squirtle that swim and play within the river and on its banks.

Three large mountain peaks in the distance at the beginning of the course resemble a Dugtrio. Professor Oak names this Pokémon sign Mt. Dugtrio.

Mt. Dugtrio

Todd's description

This river is rapid! I'll have to concentrate hard, or I could miss a good shot!

Native Pokémon

Pokémon Description Pokémon Description
When the player enters the course, brown shells can be seen bobbing in the water. Hitting them with an item will knock them forward. If the player angles it correctly, they will land on the shore and pop out, revealing themselves to be Squirtle. They can be seen near the end of the course as well, with all but one skidding up a large mound. The last will roll up if the player hits it with a Pester Ball. Goldeen
Throwing items into the water will sometimes make Goldeen jump out.
Throwing items into the water will sometimes cause Dratini to jump out. These spots are less common than those of the other aquatic Pokémon which may jump out. There is also a Dratini that periodically jumps out of the water near the whirlpool where Dragonite can be found, allowing for a less luck reliant shot. Mankey
There are four Mankey throughout the stage. The first is seen early on, yelling at the player from a distance in front of Mt. Dugtrio. When the river first starts getting very rapid, another can be seen on a ledge on the left side of the river, also yelling at the player. The third one is far away, on a ledge on the right side of the river where there is a patch of dead trees. The last one is on top of a large mound at the end of the level. This Mankey, however, can be knocked down by hitting the Squirtle at the base of the mound and making it skid up the mound; aiming it correctly will knock it right into the Mankey. This puts Mankey in a close spot for pictures. A Pester Ball will cause the Mankey to fall on a switch, opening up the route to a little pond.
There are three of these, buried deep underground. The player can see them briefly from a distance before they burrow underground, but the only way to get a decent shot of them is to knock down the Geodude clinging to the rock wall with Pester Balls. They will fall, and the shock of them hitting the ground will drive out Sandshrew. Sandslash
Like Sandshrew, Sandslash burrows underground before the ZERO-ONE can come close enough for a good shot. Knock down the two Geodude, and the Graveler above will fall, causing Sandslash to leap out of the ground. Professor Oak can be impressed by a shot of Sandslash getting ready to dig back down.
These are seen clinging to the rock walls early in the stage. Hitting them with a Pester Ball will make them fall momentarily before they climb back up. Graveler
One can be found with the Geodude and must be knocked down by knocking the two Geodude near it down in rapid succession. Three Graveler are also seen sleeping later on the course. Playing the Poké Flute will wake them up, and they will do a tribal dance.
There is one splashing around in the beginning and many others will jump out of the water when an item is thrown into the water. Gyarados
If a Magikarp splashing around in the beginning is knocked out of the water, it will splash on land towards a Mankey, who will send it flying with a big punch. The player will encounter this Magikarp again later in the stage, flopping around on land. Hitting it with a Pester Ball will make it flop back into the water and up a nearby waterfall, evolving into Gyarados.
During the second rapid section of the river, three of these will float by. Taking a frontal picture of them will cause their gem to flash blue, and they will start to circle the ZERO-ONE. Starmie
If the player makes any of the Staryu circle the ZERO-ONE, they will follow it to the end of the rapid section. There, they will leave and dive into a large whirlpool, emerging as Starmie.
At one point, there is a large whirlpool on the right of the stage. Throwing three Pester Balls in will cause a Dragonite to fly out.

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