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Pokémon Battle e FireRed & LeafGreen (Japanese: ポケモンバトルカードe+ ファイアレッド&リーフグリーン Pokémon Battle Card e+ FireRed & LeafGreen) is the fourth collection of Battle e cards. The cards in this set focus on modifying content at Trainer Tower in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, providing many additional Trainers to battle across three different battle styles, as well as timed challenges. It was released in Japan only.

Release date

  • Japan: April 15, 2004

Set size

There are 44 cards in the set. 32 of them are Trainer cards; 12 are Trainer Tower target time cards.


All of the Trainer cards in this collection can be scanned via the e-Reader to replace the default Trainers found at Trainer Tower in the Japanese versions of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. A maximum of eight Trainer cards can be scanned for a complete run-through of the challenge.

This collection differs in several ways from previous sets. Instead of being sold in fixed packs, the cards are randomly packed in boosters, much like those found in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Each pack contains 5 cards. The collection is divided into four sub-sets: Red, which features Charizard; Blue, which features Blastoise; Green, which features Venusaur and Yellow, which features Pikachu. These sub-sets can be divided further into Single Battles (1 Trainer), Double Battles (2 Trainers at once) and Knockout Battles (3 Trainers in a row).

Replay ability for individual cards has also increased significantly; each Trainer depicted has a full party of six Pokémon, though will use different ones depending on the order the cards are scanned in. Single battle Trainers will use two out of their six Pokémon; each paired Trainer in a Double Battle will use one out of their six Pokémon, and each of the three Trainers in knockout battles will use one of their six Pokémon. As with previous collections, several Pokémon on each of the cards may be hidden, in addition to Abilities, held items and moves where detailed.

Upon clearing Trainer Tower, the player is presented with a prize if completed within the specified target time. This prize differs depending on which card out of the maximum eight was scanned first, further enhancing the replay ability.

The additional cards in this set merely specify target times in which to clear the tower with a recommended sequence of cards from the main set – there are no dot-code strips present on these cards. There are three difficulties ranging from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. As the difficulty increases, more challenging Trainers are recommended to be scanned, with an increasingly tougher time target to meet. Obviously, there are no additional prizes for using these cards.

The default height of Trainer Tower in the Japanese version is only four floors. In order to provide more content for the localized versions of the games, the vast majority of Trainers found on these cards were used as the source material.


  • The sub-sets are a reference to the first four core Generation I game releases in Japan and their respective version mascots.
  • Several Trainers on the cards own Shiny Pokémon. A select Pokémon from three of these Trainers are featured in Trainer Tower in non-Japanese versions – one in each of the first three battle style selections.
  • The design at the bottom of the cards above the dot-code strip is based on the pattern that lines the base of Trainer Tower.


Card list

Red sub-set

Card ID Card Name
15-A001 Youngster Cole
15-A002 Burglar Jac
15-A003 Psychic Mily
15-A004 Cool Couple Jos & Anne
15-A005 Young Couple Emy & Alek
15-A006 Crush Kin Jo & Haley
15-A007 Biker Jordy, Biker Ernest & Cue Ball Gabriel
15-A008 Hiker Mike, Crush Girl Rebecca & Black Belt Nicolas

Green sub-set

Card ID Card Name
15-A009 Camper Joey
15-A010 PKMN Breeder Lily
15-A011 Bug Catcher Brandon
15-A012 Crush Kin Ric & Rene
15-A013 Twins Jen & Kira
15-A014 Cool Couple Isac & Mag
15-A015 PKMN Ranger Chelsea, PKMN Ranger Trenton & Cool Trainer Albert
15-A016 Picnicker Camryn, Aroma Lady Natalia & Cool Trainer Kathleen

Blue sub-set

Card ID Card Name
15-A017 Swimmer Braden
15-A018 Cool Trainer Allyson
15-A019 Sailor Alberto
15-A020 Sis and Bro Kat & Kipp
15-A021 Cool Couple Geb & Megan
15-A022 Twins Lisa & Leah
15-A023 Tuber Priscilla, Lady Charlotte & Swimmer Shania
15-A024 Sailor Brennan, Fisherman Kaden & Gentleman Emanuel

Yellow sub-set

Card ID Card Name
15-A025 Juggler Jarrett
15-A026 Super Nerd Owen
15-A027 Psychic Lorenzo
15-A028 Cool Couple Carl & Nia
15-A029 Sis and Bro Axe & Ren
15-A030 Young Couple Kati & Geb
15-A031 Rocker Ben, Engineer Camden & Scientist Zachary
15-A032 Beauty Maura, Lass Mikaela & Engineer Flint

Tower target time sub-set

Card ID Card Name
15-T001 Beginner Tower (1)
15-T002 Beginner Tower (2)
15-T003 Beginner Tower (3)
15-T004 Beginner Tower (4)
15-T005 Intermediate Tower (1)
15-T006 Intermediate Tower (2)
15-T007 Intermediate Tower (3)
15-T008 Intermediate Tower (4)
15-T009 Advanced Tower (1)
15-T010 Advanced Tower (2)
15-T011 Advanced Tower (3)
15-T012 Advanced Tower (4)
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