Pikachu (Super Tag Start Campaign)

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ピカチュウ Pikachu
Pikachu P SuperTagStartCampaign.png
Front art
Pikachu P SuperTagStartCampaign b.png
Back art
Name Pikachu
Type Mezastar Electric type.png Electric
Energy 86
Mega Evolution
This Pokémon can Mega Evolve into Mega Venusaur when selected to attack.
Grassium Z
This Pokémon can use its Z-Move when selected to attack.
Rusted Sword
This Pokémon starts the battle in its Crowned Sword form.
This Pokémon can Dynamax when selected to attack.
Miracle Go First Chance!
If the opposing Pokémon would attack first, Go First Chance! will always trigger.
Double Move
Double Move
This Pokémon can use an additional move after using its first.
Chain Attack
Chain Attack
This Pokémon can chain its attack with the player's other usable Pokémon.
This Pokémon can Terastallize into a Grass-type Tera Pokémon when selected to attack.
Pokémon Mezastar tag P

Pikachu (Japanese: ピカチュウ Pikachu) is a Special Pokémon Mezastar tag. It is one of the Promotional tags.

Tag data

Mezastar Electric type.png Thunderbolt
Mezastar Grass type.png Branch Poke
Mezastar Grass type.png Bloom Doom
Max Move
Mezastar Grass type.png Max Overgrowth
G-Max Move
Mezastar Grass type.png G-Max Drum Solo
Tera move
Mezastar Grass type.png Tera Blast
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense
Pokédex entry
It is said that electricity accumulates in the electric sacs on Pikachu's cheeks while it sleeps.
ほっぺたの でんきぶくろには ピカチュウが ねている あいだに でんきが たまると いわれている。
Tag partner
This Pokémon can attack together with Pikachu if successful during Tag Attack Chance!

Release information

This tag was available in a gift set given away as part of the Super Tag Start Campaign at participating locations with a Pokémon Mezastar arcade machine from July 11, 2021.[1] The gift set also included a Super Tag Companion Guide and a Trial Memory tag. The campaign ran for as long as stocks lasted. The gift set was given away again at ÆON Malls hosting the Trainer Tag Battle with Two People event, which itself was part of the 2022 Kids Game Festa. These events were held on the weekends of March 12-13, 26-27, April 2-3, 9-10, and 23-24, 2022.[2] More gift sets were distributed at Trainer Tag Battle with Two People events held as part of the "Mezastudio Kawasaki: The 1st Battle" at Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, Kawasaki, Kanagawa on the weekend of April 30 and May 1, 2022.[3]

A promotional transparent purple version of this tag was one in a set of four tags available as part of a gift campaign held in conjunction with the Japanese broadcast of Pocket Monsters: Right Before Summer Vacation 1-Hour Special! on July 2, 2021.[4] People wishing to enter the competition were required to note the five characters that appeared during the broadcast and call the telephone line displayed at the end of the episode based on the answer (the correct answer was "ポッチャマ", Piplup). Entrants calling the correct number were entered into a lottery to win one of thirty tag sets mounted in an acrylic frame. The entry period was open until the broadcast of an anime episode on July 9, 2021. Winners were scheduled to receive their prizes by the end of August 2021.[5]

Pikachu P MezastarAnimeLotteryPrize.png

Anime lottery prize version
Pokémon Mezastar tag P
Bulbasaur U1 26.png
Pokémon Tretta U1-26
Bulbasaur 01-001.png
Pokémon Ga-Olé disk 01-001
Bulbasaur 01-001.png
Pokémon Ga-Olé disk 01-001


This tag has identical stats to a promotional Pikachu tag available in 2022, which differs by not featuring Ash Ketchum when used in-game.


This Pikachu is based on Ash's Pikachu from the anime. An image of Ash appeared in-game when Pikachu attacked for the first time. Thunderbolt is a move that Pikachu used in the anime and one it can learn in the games.


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