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PS351 : Perturbed by Pachirisu
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS353 : Crowded by Croagunk & Advanced on by Abra II
Crowded by Croagunk & Advanced on by Abra I
Fantina and the Lost Tower
VS グレッグル&ケーシィ I
VS Gureggru & Casey I
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 352 in Vol. 31
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 15 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures

Crowded by Croagunk & Advanced on by Abra I (Japanese: VS グレッグル&ケーシィI VS Croagunk & Abra I), titled VS Croagunk & Abra I in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 352nd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 15th chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled Fantina and the Lost Tower (Japanese: メリッサとロストタワー Melissa and the Lost Tower) in the VIZ Media translation and Fantina and the Lost Tower in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Paka and Uji locate Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in front of the Hearthome Grand Hotel. Believing Diamond and Pearl to be operatives of a secret organization, they plot an attack to rescue Platinum from them. The plan is quickly foiled as Fantina drops down from her Drifblim to compliment Platinum on her Super Contest performance. She encourages her to try another category and Platinum is delighted. Pearl tries to end the conversation and leave, but Fantina stops him when she suspects someone is lurking nearby. Fantina rushes the kids to her Drifblim, causing Paka and Uji to pursue them. Before the two men can get close, Drifblim ascends, flying everyone to the Lost Tower.

At the Lost Tower, Diamond and Pearl perform their act for Fantina, who is greatly amused. When Pearl questions whether they should be joking around while they are being pursued, Fantina assures them that they will be completely safe at the tower's top level.

Paka and Uji arrive at the tower, only to be ambushed by Team Galactic Grunts. A voice in the grunts' ears compliments their work in finding Platinum's bodyguards, then commands them to focus on locating her so that they can hold her for fifteen billion in ransom.

A flying speaker sends out Abra and Croagunk to attack the bodyguards. Believing the voice from the speaker to come from Platinum's "kidnappers," Paka and Uji send out Burmy and Buizel respectively. Croagunk uses Poison Jab to break Burmy's coat, and the voice from the speaker gloats. Burmy creates itself a new coat and Paka orders it to use Hidden Power on Croagunk. With Croagunk distracted, Uji plots a surprise attack with Buizel, but the plan is thwarted due to Croagunk's Anticipation.

Major events

  • Paka and Uji catch up with Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.
  • Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum meet Fantina.
  • Fantina takes Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum to the Lost Tower after being attacked by Paka and Uji, who believe that Diamond and Pearl have kidnapped Platinum.
  • Paka and Uji arrive at the Lost Tower and begin to battle with Team Galactic.
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PS351 : Perturbed by Pachirisu
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS353 : Crowded by Croagunk & Advanced on by Abra II
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