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Lugia and Ho-Oh on the Loose (Part 2)/Lugia & Ho-Oh (Part 2)
VS ルギア&ホウオウ(後編)
VS Lugia & Houou (Part 2)
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 13
Round number 166
Location Indigo Plateau
Previous Round Lugia and Ho-Oh on the Loose (Part 1)
Next Round The Last Battle I

Lugia and Ho-Oh on the Loose (Part 2) or Lugia & Ho-Oh (Part 2) (Japanese: VS ルギア&ホウオウ(後編) VS Lugia & Houou (Part 2)) is the 166th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Lugia and Ho-Oh are commanded to use their signature attacks, Aeroblast and Sacred Fire. Gold and Crystal, on their Tibo and Natee respectively, dodge, but the attacks cause a blast through a part of the stadium's wall and ceiling, throwing Gold and Crystal off their Pokémon. They fall right above the part of the stadium whose roof is about to fall on them, fortunately, Sudobo shields the two Trainers. The audience are still being evacuated.

Gold eventually finds out that the Masked Man was also behind Lugia's rampage at the Whirl Islands, and tricked them into thinking Lugia was still wild at the time. Another blast from the two legendaries' attacks strikes another part of the stadium. Gold and Crystal run, dodging multiple blasts directed at them. Crystal decides that the two should be split apart, thus flies on Natee to face Lugia. Gold occupies Ho-Oh using Sudobo, with Sudobo responding to a Ho-Oh attack using Flail. The Masked Man calls Lugia to assist, but suddenly feels his neck spasm due to Natee's Future Sight.

The Masked Man responds by morphing into a more mutated version of himself, and jumps onto Ho-Oh, commanding it to trap Gold and Crystal with a ring of fire. He then proceeds to grab both Kurt and his granddaughter Maizie from the evacuating crowd.

Major events

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  • In the Chuang Yi version, when Gold orders Utaro to use Flail, it is spelled as Frail.
  • In the Korean version, it doesn't label the start of this round on page 177.

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