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PS111 : Tyranitar War
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS113 : Delibird Delivery - 1
Raise the Red Gyarados
VS 赤ギャラドス
VS Red Gyarados
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 112 in Vol. 9
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 112 in Vol. 9
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Lake of Rage
Professor Elm's lab

Raise the Red Gyarados (Japanese: VS 赤ギャラドス VS Red Gyarados), titled VS Red Gyarados in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 112th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 22nd chapter of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc.


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At the Lake of Rage, Silver announces that his mission has begun. Elsewhere Gold wanders around, disappointed that he has lost track of Silver. Suddenly many Gyarados come out of the water. Everyone runs away from the powerful Pokémon, but then Gold spots Silver running toward the lake, who Gold follows. He starts to talk to Silver, but Silver pushes him away. Then a Gyarados plows forward, crushing the earth where Gold was standing. Silver then shows Gold what's happening: the Magikarp are suddenly evolving into Gyarados. Silver also shows Gold his Pokégear, which has nothing but static. Silver reveals that radio waves are causing the static on the Pokégear and causing the Magikarp to evolve. Then Silver flies away on his Murkrow.

Gold starts to fight the Gyarados. He sends out Polibo, who uses Double Slap. But there are so many Gyarados, and the lake is filled with Magikarp, so Gyarados appear by the second. Meanwhile Silver is trying to find the source of the problem instead of fighting the many Gyarados. However despite their best efforts neither Gold or Silver can locate the source of the radio waves.

Meanwhile at Professor Elm's lab, Joey and Professor Elm are trying to contact Gold, but are unable to get through because of outside interference.

Back at the Lake of Rage another Gyarados appears, but it is red instead of blue. Suddenly, Gold's and Silver's Pokégears have an even worse connection, which means that the red Gyarados is the source. The way to end the radio waves is to capture it. So Polibo uses Whirlpool and Silver's Murkrow uses Pursuit. To finish it, Silver captures the Gyarados in a Poké Ball, and the radio waves stop, causing the Pokégears to have a connection and the Gyarados minds of their own again. Afterwards, Gold and Silver start to argue, but suddenly the Masked Man appears.

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PS111 : Tyranitar War
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS113 : Delibird Delivery - 1
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