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Wake Up—You're Snorlax!
VS カビゴン
VS Kabigon
Chapter Red, Green & Blue
Collected in Vol. 1
Round number 12
Location Routes 11 and 12
Previous Round Buzz Off, Electabuzz!
Next Round Sigh for Psyduck

Wake Up—You're Snorlax! (Japanese: VS カビゴン VS Kabigon) is the 12th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Red takes part in a bike race along Route 11, having obtained a Bicycle by exchanging the Bike Voucher from the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman, but when it starts, he finds himself far behind everyone. However, he catches up when everyone stops at a river filled with Tentacruel, forcing the cyclists to cross one at a time—all except for a Swimmer who informs him that Pokémon are allowed to be used in the race. Watching the Swimmer get across on his Slowpoke gives Red an idea, and he sends out Poli in order to make a bridge of ice using Ice Beam, allowing Red to gain considerable ground.

Reaching a fork, Red finds the other cyclists opting to go the longer way instead of a shorter route through a forest infested by Bug Pokémon. Ignoring the warning of a Bug Catcher, Red decides to keep his lead by going through the forest, by having Pika shock all of the wild Pokémon and Saur cut through the thick brush. Suddenly, a Beedrill hive falls on Saur's head, and Red finds himself fleeing from the ensuing Beedrill swarm. Eventually, Red trundles out of the forest, wincing from Beedrill stings but nevertheless far ahead, at which he and his Pokémon rejoice.

At Route 12, Red finds the Swimmer and the Bug Catcher stuck at the dock, unable to continue due to a Snorlax blocking the way ahead. Red tries getting Poli to attack Snorlax, but the attack fails; the Swimmer and Bug Catcher point out that Snorlax would simply Rest off any attack thrown at it. Coming up with a plan, Red uses the Beedrill honey still coating his Bulbasaur to rouse Snorlax from his sleep—as a result, the awoken Snorlax chases after Red for the honey all the way to the finish line; the sight shocking the announcer and onlookers. Sometime later, Red mopes over how the 10,000 dollars he won in the race had to be all spent on his newly caught Snorlax...

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  • The race is sponsored by Miracle Cycle.
  • In the bike race, Pokémon are allowed to be used. This ruling is similar to the race that was featured in the Pokémon anime episode, The Flame Pokémon-athon!.
  • In the VIZ Media English translation of the manga, Red comments that he borrowed his bike from the Chairman of the Pokémon Fan Club. However, in the Japanese original he mentions exchanging the voucher that he got from the chairman, which is true to the games' plot.
  • The area where Snorlax is sleeping is directly based on one of its positions in the games, which would be Route 12.


  • In the VIZ Media first edition, when Red commands Saur to use Razor Leaf he refers to it by its Japanese name, Leaf Cutter. This was corrected in the 2009 second edition printing.

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