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Noelle (Japanese: ノア Noa) is a character of the day who appeared in Strategy Begins at Home!. She is one of Johanna's students as well as a friend of Dawn's.

Noelle was visiting Johanna at the time when Dawn returned to Twinleaf Town with Ash and Brock. Brock fell head over heels for her and proceeded to flirt with her. He was eventually stopped not only by his Croagunk, but by Noelle's overprotective Bellossom as well.


Noelle's Bellossom
Noelle's Bellossom's only appearance was in Strategy Begins At Home!. It is very protective of its Trainer. When Brock first attempted to flirt with Noelle, Bellossom attacked him with Stun Spore. With the help of Brock's Croagunk, Bellossom kept Brock at bay.

Bellossom's only known move is Stun Spore.

Debut Strategy Begins at Home!

Voice actresses

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小笠原亜里沙 Arisa Ogasawara
English Angora Deb
Czech Nikola Votočková
Finnish Heljä Heikkinen
Norwegian Jannike Kruse
Polish Joanna Pach
European Spanish Belén Rodríguez


  • Noelle shares the same Japanese voice actor with Holly, another female Trainer with auburn hair and blue eyes.

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