Latoya Parker

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Latoya Parker
Latoya as Gligirl

Latoya Parker (Japanese: ユウカ Yūka) is a character of the day who appeared in The Superhero Secret.

Latoya's father, Mr. Parker, is the owner of a toy store that sells figurines of the town's favorite superhero, Gligarman. Ash and his friends later realized Mr. Parker himself was Gligarman, who donned a purple costume to fight crime and—perhaps more importantly—to boost sales in his shop. After he became too old to effectively carry out his duties, Latoya took over the role, under the moniker of Gligirl.



Mr. Parker's Gligar
Latoya used her father's Gligar when Mr. Parker, Ash, and Pikachu were captured by Spinarak mecha. She ordered Gligar to free them, which it successfully did, and, with the help of Pikachu, were able to send Team Rocket blasting off. In the end, Latoya and Mr. Parker had a small argument over who would be the owner of Gligar, prior to saying "goodbye" to Ash and his friends.

Gligar's known moves are Poison Sting and Swift.

Debut The Superhero Secret
Voice actors
Japanese Koichi Sakaguchi
English Koichi Sakaguchi

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 増田ゆき Yuki Masuda
English Amy Birnbaum
Arabic إيمان بيطار Iman Bitar
Finnish Elise Langenoja
European French Lydia Cherton
Italian Giuliana Atepi (TPCi dub)
Polish Olga Borys
Brazilian Portuguese Rita Almeida
Spanish Latin America Mariana Ortíz
Spain Begoña Hernando


  • Gligirl's name parodies that of Batgirl. Her surname "Parker" may reference Peter Parker, whose secret identity is the superhero Spider-Man.
  • Her real name, Latoya, contains "toy", probably because she works in her father's toy store.

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