Island of Fossil (TCG GB2)

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The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
Island of Fossil
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Cards in set 59
Legendary Power
Psychic Battle

Island of Fossil (Japanese: 化石のしま) is one of the eight sets found in Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR! for the Game Boy Color.

The booster pack image features an Omanyte.

Club Masters and their Club Members usually give out these booster packs when they are defeated.

Island of Fossil includes cards from Base Set, the Jungle expansion, and Fossil expansion. It also includes a number of cards from the Japanese-exclusive Expansion Sheets and Intro Pack. Electrode is included as a then in-game exclusive card.

Card list

Island of Fossil
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
C01 TCG2 C01 Ekans.png Ekans Grass Common
C02 TCG2 C02 Arbok.png Arbok Grass Rare
C03 TCG2 C03 Nidoqueen.png Nidoqueen Grass Rare Holo
C04 TCG2 C04 Zubat.png Zubat Grass Common
C05 TCG2 C05 Golbat.png Golbat Grass Uncommon
C06 TCG2 C06 Oddish.png Oddish Grass Common
C07 TCG2 C07 Gloom.png Gloom Grass Uncommon
C08 TCG2 C08 Vileplume.png Vileplume Grass Rare Holo
C09 TCG2 C09 Bellsprout.png Bellsprout Grass Common
C10 TCG2 C10 Weepinbell.png Weepinbell Grass Uncommon
C11 TCG2 C11 Victreebel.png Victreebel Grass Rare Holo
C12 TCG2 C12 Grimer.png Grimer Grass Common
C13 TCG2 C13 Muk.png Muk Grass Rare Holo
C14 TCG2 C14 Koffing.png Koffing Grass Common
C15 TCG2 C15 Weezing.png Weezing Grass Uncommon
C16 TCG2 C16 Pinsir.png Pinsir Grass Rare Holo
C17 TCG2 C17 Magmar.png Magmar Fire Uncommon
C18 TCG2 C18 Squirtle.png Squirtle Water Common
C19 TCG2 C19 Wartortle.png Wartortle Water Uncommon
C20 TCG2 C20 Psyduck.png Psyduck Water Common
C21 TCG2 C21 Golduck.png Golduck Water Rare
C22 TCG2 C22 Poliwag.png Poliwag Water Common
C23 TCG2 C23 Poliwhirl.png Poliwhirl Water Uncommon
C24 TCG2 C24 Poliwrath.png Poliwrath Water Rare
C25 TCG2 C25 Horsea.png Horsea Water Common
C26 TCG2 C26 Seadra.png Seadra Water Uncommon
C27 TCG2 C27 Omanyte.png Omanyte Water Common
C28 TCG2 C28 Omastar.png Omastar Water Uncommon
C29 TCG2 C29 Articuno.png Articuno Water Rare Holo
C30 TCG2 C30 Pikachu.png Pikachu Lightning Common
C31 TCG2 C31 Raichu.png Raichu Lightning Rare Holo
C32 TCG2 C32 Voltorb.png Voltorb Lightning Common
C33 TCG2 C33 Electrode.png Electrode Lightning Rare
C34 TCG2 C34 Mankey.png Mankey Fighting Common
C35 TCG2 C35 Primeape.png Primeape Fighting Uncommon
C36 TCG2 C36 Machoke.png Machoke Fighting Uncommon
C37 TCG2 C37 Golem.png Golem Fighting Uncommon
C38 TCG2 C38 Kabuto.png Kabuto Fighting Common
C39 TCG2 C39 Aerodactyl.png Aerodactyl Fighting Uncommon
C40 TCG2 C40 Alakazam.png Alakazam Psychic Rare Holo
C41 TCG2 C41 Slowpoke.png Slowpoke Psychic Common
C42 TCG2 C42 Slowbro.png Slowbro Psychic Uncommon
C43 TCG2 C43 Gastly.png Gastly Psychic Common
C44 TCG2 C44 Haunter.png Haunter Psychic Uncommon
C45 TCG2 C45 Gengar.png Gengar Psychic Rare Holo
C46 TCG2 C46 Hypno.png Hypno Psychic Uncommon
C47 TCG2 C47 Jynx.png Jynx Psychic Uncommon
C48 TCG2 C48 Clefable.png Clefable Colorless Rare Holo
C49 TCG2 C49 Meowth.png Meowth Colorless Common
C50 TCG2 C50 Persian.png Persian Colorless Uncommon
C51 TCG2 C51 Lickitung.png Lickitung Colorless Uncommon
C52 TCG2 C52 Tauros.png Tauros Colorless Common
C53 TCG2 C53 Porygon.png Porygon Colorless Uncommon
C54 TCG2 C54 Item Finder.png Item Finder T Rare
C55 TCG2 C55 Super Energy Removal.png Super Energy Removal T Rare
C56 TCG2 C56 Mysterious Fossil.png Mysterious Fossil T Common
C57 TCG2 C57 Computer Search.png Computer Search T Rare
C58 TCG2 C58 Clefairy Doll.png Clefairy Doll T Rare
C59 TCG2 C59 Poké Ball.png Poké Ball T Common

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