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Gold Bars (Japanese: きんかい Gold Bar) are a type of currency used in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world. Introduced in Gates to Infinity, Gold Bars can be found by digging into Sparkling Floor or Gold Floor tiles in Dungeons, which can be made visible by using a Gold Scope. They can also be obtained, in amounts from one to five, from opening Treasure Boxes at Rampardos Box Buster.

In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, Gold Bars can again be found from Sparkling Floor or Gold Floor tiles, or by opening Treasure Boxes at Rockin' Lock. They can additionally be obtained by increasing the player's Expedition Rank, or by exchanging 100 of an item in the Deposit Box for one Gold Bar. If the leader holds the Excavation Looplet while in a Dungeon, items buried in the ground, including Gold Bars, can be found more easily.

Gold Bars can be exchanged for Poké or rare items at Glorious Gold. Gold Bars, unlike Poké, are not lost when defeated in a dungeon.


MDBag Gold Bar V Sprite.png MDBag Gold Bar VI Sprite.png Gold Bar PMD GTI.png
Sprite from
Gates to Infinity
Sprite from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Model from
Gates to Infinity and
Super Mystery Dungeon

In other languages

Language Title
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Zlatá cihla[1]
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Goudstav*
France Flag.png French Lingot
Germany Flag.png German Goldbarren
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Aranyrúd[2]
Italy Flag.png Italian Lingotti
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Gulldbar[3]
Poland Flag.png Polish Sztabki złota[4]
Spain Flag.png Spanish Lingotes
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Guldtacka[5]


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