Gold's Pidgeotto

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Gold's Pidgeotto
ゴールドのピジョン Gold's Pigeon
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Gold Pidgeotto Golden Boys.png
Gold's Pidgeotto
Debuts in Let's Go! The Journey Towards The Championship
Caught at New Bark Town
Evolves in A Huge Mysterious Tree!!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Gold
HOME016.png HOME017.png
This Pokémon spent 9 chapters as Pidgey.

Gold's Pidgeotto (Japanese: ゴールドのピジョン Gold's Pigeon) was the first Pokémon that Gold caught in Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys.


As a Pidgey

Sometime before Gold began his journey, Black caught this Pidgeotto as a Pidgey. As Black thought that it was too weak, he released it. After Gold's battle with Youngster Joey, he found it injured on the grass. Gold wanted to take Pidgey to a Pokémon Center but there weren't any around and goes to a Berry tree instead to heal its wounds. Black arrived who revealed his original ownership of Pidgey. During the first rival battle, as Totodile was about to lose to Chikorita, Pidgey steps in and defeats Chikorita with Gust.

During the battle with Falkner's Articuno, Pidgey assists Totodile and Pikachu who recently came from the future. When Pikachu's leg was frozen by Articuno's Ice Beam, Pidgey removed the ice using its beak. Pidgey distracts Articuno in order for Pikachu to finish it off, earning Gold the Zephyr Badge. Pidgey participated in the Basketball Tournament and was up against Firebreather Takeo. It goes with Gold to Union Cave when a Lapras causes ruckus there.

Pidgey has a battle with Whitney's Ditto where it ends up facing its replica and lost. A giant Sudowoodo appears and Pidgey uses Gust combined with Totodile's Water Gun to shrink it down. After Gold caught Sudowoodo, Pidgey ended up evolving into Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto was sent out to clear away the mist that was blocking Gold's and Chris's trail, which revealed a cavern containing an Ursaring.

Personality and characteristics

Pidgeotto, as a Pidgey, was very cooperative towards other Pokémon. This was shown when it worked with Totodile and Pikachu to defeat Falkner's Articuno, and it also worked with Totodile to defeat a giant Sudowoodo.

Moves used

Gold Pidgeotto Gust Golden Boys.png
Using Gust
Move First Used In
Gust Let's Go! The Journey Towards The Championship
Peck × The Legendary Pokémon Appears!
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately known by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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