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Galea (Japanese: ヒサメ Hisame) is a character of the day who appeared in On Olden Pond. She lives in Kanto by a lake, and she owns a boat house along with her granddaughter, Tiffany.

Galea unexpectedly challenged Ash, having recognized Corphish's power. She also used the opportunity to teach him to utilize his surroundings for battles. Her Vaporeon quickly changed the land-based match to a water-based one, where Corphish was unable to match its speed and got entangled in the lake's water plants. Later, she, alongside a wild Dragonair, dived into the lake and saved Mr. Saridakis from drowning, having done so once before during his childhood.

Prior to Mr. Saridakis' rescue, Galea and Tiffany had been enduring a year of hardship due to his Crawdaunt menacing them in an attempt to force them to sell their land. In the process, the lake Pokémon were scared off. After Mr. Saridakis abandoned his multi-million dollar redevelopment plans, Galea saw the lake Pokémon return, which allowed her to continue the family's recreational fishing business.


On hand

Galea's Vaporeon
Galea used her Vaporeon to train with Ash's Corphish before he had to battle with Saridakis's Crawdaunt. Vaporeon was able to defeat Ash's Corphish due to its fast movements.

Vaporeon's known moves are Hydro Pump, Quick Attack, and Acid Armor.

Debut On Olden Pond
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura
English Kayzie Rogers


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Galea's Dragonair
This Dragonair is usually in the lake where Galea and her granddaughter live. It saved Saridakis after he fell in the lake during his youth and in his present life.

None of Dragonair's moves are known.

Debut On Olden Pond

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 鈴木れい子 Reiko Suzuki
English Kayzie Rogers
European Portuguese Isabel Ribas
European Spanish Cristina Victoria

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