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Funko Pops are a brand of figures produced by Funko. They feature several licensed characters from movies, video games, and pop culture. Pokémon figures were first introduced on July 19, 2018.

Pop! Games

Pop! Games is a category of Pops that originate from video games. They are typically 4 inches tall, with some Pops also coming in larger sizes or alternate color finishes. Each figure is numbered for the set; larger and alternate finish figures have the same number as their normal counterparts.

Name Set number Image In-box image Release date
Pikachu 353 Pikachu Funko Pop.png Pikachu Funko Pop box.png July 19, 2018
Pikachu (10") 353 Pikachu Funko Pop 10in.png Pikachu Funko Pop 10in box.png November 16, 2018
Bulbasaur 453 February 27, 2019
Bulbasaur (10") 454 May 2019
Charmander 455 May 2019

A Day With Pikachu

Logo for A Day With Pikachu

A Day With Pikachu is a collection of Pops made in collaboration with the US Pokémon Center Online. It features Pikachu and focuses on holidays and seasonal events. Starting in February, a figure was released each month for twelve months.

Name Image In-box image Release date Description
One Lucky Day One Lucky Day Funko Pop.png One Lucky Day Funko Pop box.png February 15, 2019 A Spot of Luck!
With Luck Incense, an Amulet Coin, and a heap of four-leaf clovers, Pikachu is sure to have the luck of springtime in its favor! Catch a little luck of your own with the One Lucky Day Pikachu Figure by Funko and Pokémon Center while you can—they won't last long!
Rainy Day Pokémon Rainy Day Pokémon Funko Pop.png Rainy Day Pokémon Funko Pop box.png March 28, 2019 Hold on to That Sunny Day!
Pikachu is soaked—but holding on to a Sunny Castform doll as it hopes for brighter days! Catch your own bit of sunshine with the Rainy Day Pokémon Figure by Funko and Pokémon Center while you can—they won't last long!
Blooming Curiosity Blooming Curiousity Funko Pop.png Blooming Curiosity Funko Pop box.png April 2019 A Little Curiosity!
Flowers and Flabébé make for a day of fragrant fun! Catch a little spring fever with the Blooming Curiosity Pikachu Figure by Funko and Pokémon Center while you can—they won't last long!
Sweet Days Are Here May 2019
Sparking Up a Celebration June 2019
Splashing Away Summer July 2019
Charged Up for Game Day August 2019
Surprises to Fall For September 2019
Completely Thank-Full October 2019
A Cool New Friend November 2019
Ringing in the Fun December 2019
Surprising Weather Ahead January 2020

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