Full-Fury Battle

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Full-Fury Battle

Full-Fury Battle is a special type of battle in Pokémon UNITE.


Full-Fury Battles take place on Mer Stadium, but with some differences. Pokémon's basic attack speeds and move cooldowns are drastically faster than normal. In addition, goal scoring and respawn timer speeds are increased by a large margin. Also, more Aeos energy is dropped by opposing Pokémon when they are knocked out. Other than those differences, the gameplay is the same as on Mer Stadium.


When Full-Fury Battle first debuted, it was available every other weekend from Saturday to Monday from February 24, 2022 to April 11, 2022 and players were allowed to pick their Pokémon as normal. When it was brought back in December 2022, there was an event called Full-Fury Team Clash where players would join the Red Team, lead by Buzzwole, or the Blue Team, lead by Cinderace. The two teams would compete to see which could obtain the most combined points earned through playing and winning Full-Fury Battles. Starting from this run of Full-Fury Battle, there is now a unique mechanic for Full-Fury Battles in which the player's Pokémon is chosen at random. Players are allowed to redraw their Pokémon using License Redraws. Two License Redraws are given to the players at the start of the event and more can be obtained through event missions. Some future runs of Full-Fury Battle since have featured this randomized selection mechanic, however Full-Fury Team Clash has not been seen since. In May 2024, a variation of this mode called Full-Burst Battle! Dragon Dustup was released, which functioned the same as Full-Fury Battles, but there was no randomized selection mechanic and the only Pokémon that could be chosen were Dragon-types. The Wild Pokémon that appear on the map also consisted of mainly Dragon-types, with all of the regular Wild Pokémon being replaced by Altaria and Swablu, Rotom being replaced by Regidrago, and Zapdos being replaced by Rayquaza.