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Edna (Japanese: クニ Kuni) is a character of the day who appeared in Time Warp Heals All Wounds.

A Pokémon Breeder and a resident of Fuchsia City, Edna was at the city's train station when she found May's Squirtle, and then May herself. When it began to rain, May asked why Edna was all alone at the station and Edna explained that she was waiting for the train to return from the other side of the mountain (but given the state of the tracks and station itself, there is evidence Edna is suffering from an extensive form of denial, further made conclusive by comments from her granddaughter Katrina).

Katrina came to fetch Edna and to make sure she wouldn't get sick in the bad weather. She left with the umbrella Katrina brought for her, talking to herself and wishing, "If only it had snowed that day".

Young Edna

Katrina recounted the story of Edna's painful past to May, telling her she was married to the local Pokémon Breeder, Katrina's grandfather Jonathan, who wanted to become a doctor. Jonathan wanted to leave for the big city, but Edna couldn't leave town, and Jonathan left by train, eventually dying a year later. She had been wanting to tell him something, but missed him due to bumping into a Gentleman. Edna didn't believe Jonathan had died and returned to the station where he left every day for years, expecting his return. What she had wanted to tell Jonathan, which she had kept from him but confessed to Katrina, was that Edna had been pregnant with Katrina's mother at the time and hadn't told Jonathan yet; she was going to tell him once she caught up to him that day.

Edna had also lost her locket in the chase, when she bumped into the Gentleman at the station. It fell onto the train tracks and remained there until May's Squirtle found it in the present day. It was used as an object of time travel, causing May, Squirtle, and Team Rocket's Meowth to travel back in time to the day of Jonathan's departure, just one hour before he left. Using Squirtle's Ice Beam, May and Meowth changed the rain into snow, allowing Edna to catch up, not bump into the Gentleman this time around, and tell Jonathan about the new addition to their family. Jonathan decided not to leave and have a family with Edna.

May returned to the present day. Due to her actions in the past, the future had been altered, with now Jonathan being alive and still living happily together with Edna. May learned her Egg was about to hatch, and to proceed over the hatching, Jonathan, Edna, and Katrina were there to assist. Katrina and Edna didn't remember May anymore, however.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 佐藤ゆうこ Yūko Satō
English Annie Silver
Brazilian Portuguese Cláudia Carli
European Spanish Luisa Ezquerra

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