Crowned Tiger (TCG)

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Crowned Tiger
WCS2009 Crowned Tiger Deck.jpg
Box art
Types used PsychicLightning
Major cards Luxray Pokémon GL LV.X, Dialga Pokémon G LV.X

Crowned Tiger is the name of the deck used by Tsubasa Nakamura, the Junior Division Champion in the 2009 World Championships. The deck uses primarily Psychic-type Pokémon, utilizing a limited number of Lightning-type and Darkness-type Pokémon. The Pokémon are mostly Pokémon SP and features no evolutions. The deck is based on the LuxBox archetype, popular during the 2009-2010 season.

Crowned Tiger is one of the four 2009 World Championships Decks, released on October 28, 2009. Each deck comes packaged with a 2009 World Championships Booklet. Each card features a silver border, Nakamura's signature, and limited edition 2009 World Championships back. None of the cards are tournament legal.


Tsubasa Nakamura achieved amazing results and rose to the level of World Champion with his notably relentless deck that uses Skuntank Pokémon G's Poké-Power to Poison at will, then Toxicroak Pokémon G to really pile on the extra damage. And with Luxray Pokémon GL LV.X and its Bright Look Poké-Power to change out his opponent's Active Pokémon, Crowned Tiger truly rules!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Honchkrow Pokémon G Darkness Common
Luxray Pokémon GL Lightning Rare Holo
Luxray Pokémon GL LV.X Lightning Rare Holo LV.X
Toxicroak Pokémon G Psychic Uncommon
Toxicroak Pokémon G Fighting
Skuntank Pokémon G Psychic Common
Azelf Psychic Rare
Uxie LV.X Psychic Rare Holo LV.X
Crobat Pokémon G Psychic Uncommon
Sableye Darkness Uncommon
Unown G Psychic Uncommon
Uxie Psychic Rare
Ditto Colorless Rare
Dialga Pokémon G Metal Rare Holo
Dialga Pokémon G LV.X Metal Rare Holo LV.X
Bronzong Pokémon G Metal Uncommon
Lucario Pokémon GL Fighting Rare Holo
Roseanne's Research Su Uncommon
Bebe's Search Su Uncommon
Cyrus's Conspiracy Su Uncommon
Aaron's Collection Su Uncommon
Moonlight Stadium St Uncommon
Night Maintenance T Uncommon
Team Galactic's Invention G-105 Poké Turn T Uncommon
Team Galactic's Invention G-101 Energy Gain T Uncommon
Team Galactic's Invention G-103 Power Spray T Uncommon
Team Galactic's Invention G-109 SP Radar T Uncommon
Galactic HQ St Uncommon
SP Energy Colorless E Uncommon
Darkness Energy Darkness E
Lightning Energy Lightning E
Psychic Energy Psychic E


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