Cobalion (Rumble Blast)

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コバルオン Cobalon
Cobalion as seen in Pokémon Rumble Blast
Debuts in Pokémon Rumble Blast
Gender Male
Ability Steady
Current location On player's hand
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Cobalion (Japanese: コバルオン Cobalon) is a Toy Pokémon that appears in Pokémon Rumble Blast, and is one of the main antagonists of the game. He is only available after defeating Virizion, which can be found and fought in forests, and Terrakion, which can be found and fought in canyons.


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Cobalion is first seen talking to his main minions and showing them the power of the Glowdrops, to destroy rust, with Toy Town's Glowdrops. Cobalion is later seen at the Great Glowing Fountain. He battles the player in a 1 on 3 Team Battle. When the player is defeated, Cobalion will send them flying, and, coincidentally, the player lands in Easterly Town, where Cobalion is stealing Easterly Town's Glowdrops.

At the end of the third chapter, Chapter 3: Tracking Cobalion, Cobalion attacks the player, twisting the player's Wonder Key, making it a Bent Key. This can be undone by earning the Temple Key from the Temple of Keys's Battle Royale.

When Cobalion is met next, at the end of Chapter 4: The World Axle and the Secret of the Wonder Key, he is giving a speech to his minions. When he sees the player and Golett, he says "We knew there would be sacrifices!" and challenges the player to another 1-on-3 Team Battle. When Cobalion is defeated, his minions are "Rusted" by Dark Rust. They and Dark Rust retreat into the World Axle. Cobalion and the player then team up to fight Dark Rust.

In Dark Rust's Fort, Cobalion sacrifices himself to destroy Dark Rust's barrier and its ability to create a barrier.

When Terrakion and Virizion have been defeated, a Rusty Cobalion appears, as if defeated. When it is picked up, the message "This Cobalion toy has seen better days. Take good care of it." will be shown. All of Cobalion's followers call him "the leader" or "lord Cobalion".

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Part of the game Pokémon Move Special Trait
Main game Cobalion Cobalion Sacred Sword Healthy
Aftergame Cobalion Cobalion Struggle Rusty


  • Just before the player won the championship Battle Royale:
"Everyone! The Glowdrops... They have a special power! If we control this power... Gather the Glowdrops!"
  • At the Great Glowing Fountain:
    • Outside:
"Go no further! My name is Cobalion! I hear you've been interfering with my plans. I won't hand over the Glowdrops! If you have a problem with that, you and your friends can challenge me!"
  • In battle:
"Now I will show you my power!"
  • After the player has lost:
"I must collect all the Glowdrops. For justice! I do what I must!"
  • In Firebreathing Mountain:
"So. We meet again. Will you try to stop me? ... The heart of this world is a place called the World Axle. It pumps the Glowdrops and sends them throughout Toyland. Now, there's a problem in the World Axle... I'm heading to the World Axle! I won't let you stand in my way! Now your key is bent and warped! Just give up! Farewell!"

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