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Charlie Charma

Charlie Charma (Japanese: アナアキ・チクワ Chikuwa Anaaki) is a recurring character who appeared in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. He is a Malie City tour guide and also a Trainer residing in the local Kantonian Gym.


Charlie debuted in Drawn with the Wind!, where he was the tour guide during Ash and his classmates' two-day trip through Malie City. He first escorted them to the local Pokémon Center and had them change into Malie-style clothing before they toured Malie Garden. He pointed out some of the major landmarks before leaving them to explore the garden by themselves.

Charlie reappeared in Aiming for the Top Floor!, where he took the group to the Kantonian Gym. He and his fellow Kantonian Gym Trainers were shocked to learn that Ash was actually from the Kanto region. He explained the way the Kantonian Gym operates to everyone before allowing them to enter. Only Ash, Kiawe, and Lana reached Charlie's task, an obstacle course held on the fourth floor of the Gym. Ash and Kiawe advanced to the fifth and final floor, while Lana was unable to complete the obstacle course after Meltan's taste for metal led to the course's destruction.

Charlie later refereed Kiawe's, and then Ash's battles against Ryuki.


Charlie maintains a ninja aesthetic because he, like his fellow Kantonian Gym Trainers, truly believes it is authentically Kantonian. He is an entertaining host, using concealed walls, disguises, and smoke bomb tricks to dazzle his tour groups. His knowledge of Malie City also helped the group navigate through their surroundings with ease and learn all about Malie culture.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 皆川純子 Junko Minagawa
English Jeremy Levy
European French Karin Clercq
Polish Miłosz Konkel
Brazilian Portuguese João Victor Granja
Latin American Spanish Diego Becerril


  • Charlie's arm and leg guards resemble actual chikuwa, a tube-shaped fish paste cake. Also, the symbol on his headband resembles a Pon de Ring doughnut.
  • Charlie's headband is similar to those worn in Naruto.
    • He also has the same kind of facial whiskers of the titular character, and in the original version, ends most of his sentences with "datte yo", whereas Naruto's sentences sometimes end in "dattebayo", and has similar eyes to the side character Rock Lee.
  • Charlie's ninja outfit is reminiscent of another ninja character, Sanpei, as well as the titular character of the manga and anime series Ninja Hattori-kun.
  • CITV closed captions incorrectly refer to Charlie Charma as Charlie Charmer.


Language Name Origin
Japanese アナアキ・チクワ Chikuwa Anaaki From 穴あき anaaki (hollow; perforated) and 竹輪 chikuwa (a variety of surimi with a cylindrical shape and a hollow interior). Possibly a reference to Naruto Uzumaki, who is named after another variety of surimi which featured a spiral (渦巻 uzumaki) pattern. Incidentally, chikuwa is also the favorite treat of Shishimaru, the ninja dog in Ninja Hattori-kun.
English Charlie Charma
Italian Tobi Tobimaru
Brazilian Portuguese Charles Charma

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